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Why You Should Wear Closed Shoes On Golf Courses – 7 Reasons

closed shoes on golf course
closed shoes on golf course

Golf is overall a safe game to play, but there are still some safety precautions you need to take.

One of those precautions is wearing closed shoes on golf courses.

In this article, we will give you and explain all the reasons why you should wear closed shoes on golf courses.

Why You Should Wear Closed Shoes On Golf Courses

There are many reasons why you should wear closed golf shoes while on golf courses, and even more so depending on the region you live in.

Wearing closed golf shoes on golf courses will protect your feet from many unwanted…visitors or dangers.

Down below, you can read all the important reasons why you should be wearing closed shoes on golf courses while playing golf.

7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Closed Shoes On Golf Courses

Reason #1: Chemical Treatments on Golf Courses

It is no secret that golf courses use many chemical treatments on their turf to dissuade bugs, insects, and other critters.

There are also chemical treatments used on the turf to eliminate weed growth, and to promote the growth of premium-looking grass.

Golf courses frequently use chemical treatments in order to keep the turf looking extremely green. It does not matter if you are on the tee boxes, the fairways, the putting greens, or the edges of the rough; there are chemical treatments.

Without closed shoes, these chemical treatments can go onto the skin of your feet and cause irritations, as well as other issues.

The green grass coloring will also go onto your feet and stain your skin green for a while. Unless you are trying to be a goblin for Halloween, you probably want to avoid green feet.

Wear closed shoes if you wish to protect your skin from harmful chemicals.

Reason #2: Broken Tees

Every day, golfers break hundreds of tees on golf courses, and do not always pick them up.

That being said, there are hundreds of sharp, broken golf tees laying on the golf course, waiting to prick you like your children’s Legos.

Without closed shoes, especially if playing barefoot, these broken golf tees can impale your feet like thumbtacks, leaving you with an injured foot.

Even worse, your foot could become bloody, you could have an infection, or even end up in the hospital just because of a broken tee.

To avoid injuries related to broken tees, just wear closed shoes on golf courses.

Reason #3: Better Performance

Closed shoes wrap all around your feet, whereas open shoes tend to offer a lot less support.

With less support on your feet, there is a higher chance of your ankle bending in an unwanted way while you swing. With open shoes, it is more likely that your foot will slip on the turf as well.

These elements of slipping and lack of ankle & foot support will reduce your stability, thus messing up the mechanics in your swing, and reducing your golfing performance.

Try throwing boxing punches on a slippery floor while wearing socks. Now, try the same wearing nice, grippy shoes. You will notice a night and day difference.

In your socks, you will struggle to find good footing to be able to throw a good punch, and you will constantly feel like you are trying to find your balance. The same scenario occurs during a golf swing if you do not have stability relative to the turf.

To get the best golfing performance, wear closed shoes on the golf course that fit you perfectly. If you do not know how to size a golf shoe correctly, read our guide: How To Size A Golf Shoe?

Reason #4: Scorpions

Depending on where you live, especially if in a hot area, you might have scorpions scattered across the golf course.

Unfortunately, a sting from a scorpion hurts. In some cases, a scorpion sting can totally send you to the hospital.

If you wear open shoes on the golf course, the scorpion stinger can easily poke you and put you through a lot of inconvenient pain.

Instead, wear closed shoes, and the scorpion stinger should not be able to get through the shoe material.

In addition, if needed, you will be safer kicking or stomping the scorpion with closed shoes than open shoes.

Reason #5: Fire Ants

Similarly to scorpions, fire ants can also be found on golf courses in some regions.

Fire ants can be found by the thousands on some golf courses, despite chemical treatments.

If you get stung by a fire ant, you will feel a lot of pain, as well as a burning itching that can last up to 60 minutes. Usually, if you get stung by one fire ant, you get stung by many fire ants.

Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of getting stung by fire ants by wearing closed shoes.

Wear open shoes, and you open yourself up to getting swarmed by fire ants.

Reason #6: Poison Ivy, Nettles & Other Plants

Most golfers will sometimes shoot a ball in the rough or in foliage and need to go retrieve their ball.

Unfortunately, in all this foliage, there are sometimes poisonous or irritating plants or weeds hiding inconspicuously. Some of these plants include poison ivy & nettles.

It only takes an instant of contact between your skin and poison ivy to create an intense rash on your skin that will last for hours.

By wearing open shoes in the foliage, you are tempting the devil and almost asking to get a rash on your feet.

Wear closed shoes and high socks on golf courses, and you will greatly reduce the risk of getting rashes or poisoned by irritating plants.

Reason #7: Rocks & Sharp Objects

On some golf courses, there are rocks, or other sharp objects laying around that can cut your foot, leave it bloody, or even cause an infection.

I will always remember when my brother scraped his foot (in a sandal) against a rock when he was a toddler, and cried because his toenail was ripped off.

Sometimes, you might unfortunately find some people left broken glass in the turf, and that can easily cut into your feet.

Wearing open shoes on golf courses opens (get it?) you to cuts from all sorts of objects.

To reduce the risks of getting injured from scrapes or cuts from sharp objects, simply wear closed shoes on golf courses. You will thank yourself.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned all the reasons why you should wear closed shoes on golf courses.

Forget those open shoes, those sandals, and playing barefoot! Wearing closed shoes on golf courses will save you a lot of potential problems!

Would you ever consider wearing open shoes on a golf course such as flip flops or sandals? Let us know in the comments down below!

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