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Why Do All Professional Golfers Wear Hats? – Explained!

hat for head laying on table
hat for head laying on table

Every time you turn on the television to watch some professional golf, all players seem to have one thing in common: a hat on their head. It seems like every single professional golfer hat is always wearing a hat!

If you noticed just how many professional golfers are wearing hats during tournaments, you may wonder: Why do all professional golfers always wear hats?

In this article, we will explain to you exactly why all professional golfers seem to always be wearing a hat.

Why Do All Professional Golfers Wear Hats?

Professional golfers always seem to be wearing a hat during tournaments because golf brands pay professional golfers large sums for them to wear their branded hat. Golf hats also have major golfing performance and health benefits that make them worth being worn.

Whenever you turn on the television to watch professional golf, or attend a tournament in person, one thing may shock you: all the players seem to be wearing hats, even when it is not really sunny out. Why?

There are many reasons why a player would want to wear a golf hat, especially if it is sunny. There are also reasons to wear a hat in cloudy weather. In the next section below, you can read exactly what these reasons are.

3 Reasons Why All Professional Golfers Wear Hats

Down below, you can read the 3 main reasons why all professional golfers seem to always be wearing a golf hat on.

1. Sponsors & Advertisement Money

One of the main reasons so many professional golfers wear a hat is because it pays to be a pro golfer with a hat on. In fact, golf brands all around the world, like TaylorMade and Nike Golf, pay large sums of many to players to wear a hat with their brand on it.

These golf brands largely benefit from the publicity generated by the masses seeing their logo on the hats of their favorite golfers.

This creates brand loyalty between these companies and the masses, as they want to buy the same gear their favorite professional golfer wears and endorses. A portion of these people then eventually buys gear from a certain brand, which increases that company’s revenue.

For example, Tiger Woods, even though he is no longer really active in golf, is paid 10-20M$ per year by Nike Golf to wear and endorse their gear.

Tiger Woods’ name carries huge weight, as so many young players want to play like and look like him, making them buy Nike when they go buy equipment or apparel.

It is common for the best golfers to make more money from their sponsorships than from their tournament earnings, which is why they always show up with a golf hat on. Would you wear a hat when you play golf to double or maybe 10x your salary? The pros would.

2. Better Golfing Performance

Another important reason why so many golfers always seem to be wearing a golf hat is because a hat improves their golfing performance. If you would like to know the details of a hat’s performance benefits, you can read our article : 9 Reasons To Wear A Hat In Golf.

The golfing performance benefits wearing a golf hat confers you include protection from the sun’s glare in your eyes and from sweat in your eyes. These two elements can easily irritate your eyes and negatively impact your performance and frustration levels.

Furthermore, if you have long hair, wearing a golf hat will hold it, preventing it from wagging around in the wind, or from blocking your view and tickling your face.

In addition, if it is very hot outside, the heat the sun emanates can start to cook your head and your brain, leading to headaches and dizziness, which are no good for great golfing performance. A hat acts as a heat barrier between the sun and your head.

Finally, wearing a golf hat reduces your field of view, thanks to the brim, which helps golfers block out distractions and focus on the shot to play. This distraction-blocking effect is similar to the effect of the eye blinders horses are made to wear.

3. Health Protection

The final major reason why golfers always seem to wear a hat is because a hat provides protection against many health risks.

Although the sun’s rays hitting human skin is great for Vitamin D, there can be too much of a good thing. Excessive prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause face wrinkles, sunburns, as well as skin cancer. For these reasons, wearing a hat in sunny conditions is very valuable.

In addition, especially if you have bright eyes, too much sunlight can damage your eye health. We only have one set of eyes, and they already experience enough strain with all the screens we look at in the 21st century. To protect your eye health, wearing a golf hat is useful.

After reading this section, you hopefully see how valuable wearing a golf hat can be for someone’s short and long term health. As golfers are outdoors a lot during the season, the value of wearing a golf hat is even larger than for a casual golfer.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned exactly why all professional golfers seem to always have a hat on. It is definitely not only to protect from sunlight!

Sponsorships aside, do you think everyone should wear a hat when playing golf? Let us know in the comments down below!

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