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Who Are The Slowest Golfers On The PGA Tour? – Top 9

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The PGA Tour is full of world-class golfers, but it is no secret that some of them have a faster pace of play than others. The slower golfers on Tour are sometimes the butt of many jokes on social media.

Therefore, if you like to compare the pace of play of different professional golfers, you may wonder: who are the slowest golfers on the PGA Tour?

In this article, we will tell you exactly who the slowest golfers on the PGA Tour are.

Who Are The Slowest Golfers On The PGA Tour?

The slowest golfers on the PGA Tour are Ben Crane, Kevin Na, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Andrew Loupe, J.B. Holmes, Bernhard Langer, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Cantlay. These players can take as much as 6 to 8 hours to complete 18 golf holes, as opposed to the Tour average of around 4 hours.

In the world of golf and on the PGA Tour, some golfers are a lot quicker than others, and some are extremely slow. In this list, we will tell you about some of the slowest golfers in the PGA Tour.

These players have garnered a reputation for being very slow golfers that are almost painful to watch sometimes because it takes so long to see them play.

Some golfers are naturally slow. Some golfers take their time because they need to catch their breath. Other golfers like Bryson DeChambeau are overly analytical, so they need lots of time to view different charts and data before playing.

Some players will purposely play slowly to anger their opponents, throwing them off.

Slower golfers are strapped to nicknames like “golf tortoise” and “lumbering giant”.

Top 9 Slowest Golfers On The PGA Tour

Ben Crane

According to Golf Magazine, 21% of the PGA Tour members voted Ben Crane as the slowest player on Tour.

Golf spectators around the world claim that it is frustrating to watch Ben Crane because of how slow he is. The anticipation of seeing his shot fly off his club is spread over too long a time period to feel satisfying. Ben Crane is like the ultimate tease with how long it takes him to hit the golf ball.

Out of frustration, some other golfers in Ben Crane’s group sometimes walk to the next golf hole without waiting for him, even though they are supposed to wait for the entire group. That is how slow Ben Crane’s pace of play can be.

Kevin Na

According to Golf Magazine, 17% of the PGA Tour members voted Kevin Na as the slowest player on Tour. Kevin Na is known for struggling to get comfortable when setting up his shot, in an unusual sense of perfectionism.

Fortunately, Kevin Na has gotten a bit quicker as a player in terms of pace of play.

Jason Day

According to Golf Magazine, 11% of the PGA Tour members voted Jason Day as the slowest player on Tour. Jason Day takes full advantage of time when he is in a group that is not on the clock.

Loyal to himself, Jason Day claims to not care what people say about his pace of play. He just focuses on winning golf tournaments, which allowed him to be the #1 golfer in the world at some point, for nearly a year.

Jordan Spieth

According to Golf Magazine, 8% of the PGA Tour members voted Jordan Spieth as the slowest player on Tour. Jordan Spieth typically likes to take his time on his shots in order to make sure he does not make a mistake.

However, Jordan Spieth has gotten faster, and he has since helped the PGA Tour develop policies to increase the pace of play on Tour.

Andrew Loupe

According to Golf Magazine, 4% of the PGA Tour members voted Andrew Loupe as the slowest player on Tour.

Andrew Loupe is known to have a pre-shot routine that sometimes exceeds 60 seconds. That is a long time to set up a shot.

J.B. Holmes

J.B. Holmes is known as an extremely slow golfer.

Some people even joked about him, saying you could build a metropolis in the time it takes him to complete a round of 18 golf holes.

It seems like every time a new announcer sees J.B. Holmes playing, there is criticism about his pace of play.

Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer is known to have required as much as 8 hours to complete a round of 18 golf holes, while most of his peers typically accomplish this in around 4 hours.

This is a player who has been warned many times for a slow pace of play, and has not always taken those warnings with a smile on his face.

This German golfer is sometimes viewed as the slowest golfer in PGA Tour history.

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is a true golf nerd. He loves to play golf with lots of data and many charts with him that allow him to pick a shot according to the characteristics of his lie. He has charts with slope angles for the putting green, and aims to put the science into golf.

Unfortunately, this analytical process takes time on the course, and many have criticized Bryson’s pace of play for being too slow. However, Bryson DeChambeau has become a bit quicker over time, potentially from making more pre-shot calculations.

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay has a reputation of being one of the slower players on the PGA Tour.

Some people joked about Cantlay, saying you have time to make breakfast before he ends up hitting the golf ball.

Patrick Cantlay is known for needing to watch the golf hole many many times before actually deciding to hit the golf ball.


There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered who some of the slowest golfers on the PGA Tour are in terms of pace of play.

Do you know other professional golfers with a slow pace of play? Did you expect the golfers on this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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