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What Is A Two-Putt In Golf? – Explained!

what is a two-putt in golf
what is a two-putt in golf

Golf is known to be a technical sport full of technical terms that you may not know the meaning of. One of those golf terms commonly thrown out in conversation and television broadcasts is the word “two-putt”.

If you are reading this article, you may wonder: What exactly does “two-putt” mean in golf?

In this article, we will explain to you exactly what a two-putt is in golf, along with some examples to solidify your comprehension.

What Is A Two-Putt In Golf?

In golf, a two-putt designates the act of sending the golf ball into the golf hole with a total of 2 putts (strokes with a putter), starting on the green. A two-putt is viewed as an acceptable outcome because it is not terrible for your score. As an example, if you strike a ball from the middle of the green and you hole it in 2 putts, you just performed a two-putt.

In the great game of golf, the term “two-putt” is a word that is very common to hear, although not everyone can perform a two-putt, but most people can. A “two putt” is one of the most common things to hear on the putting greens of a golf course.

In golf, performing a two-putt means that a golfer shot a golf ball from somewhere on the golf green and into the hole with a total of 2 putts. A putt is simply a golf shot taken with the putter club. A putt generally rolls the ball flat on the ground without any lift or hops.

Whether or not you perform a two-putt is irrespective of your score for a given hole. The only thing that matters for a two-putt is the number of strokes you required to get the ball from the golfing green to the bottom of the hole.

You can read a real-world example of a two-putt performed, down below.


Tiger is a professional golfer. He is playing a par 4 hole.

After his 2nd stroke, Tiger’s ball lands on the right side of the golfing green.

Tiger shoots his 3rd stroke, and misses the hole, but still gets closer to the hole.

Tiger lines up for his 4th stroke, and putts it the ball into the hole.

Therefore, as Tiger required a total of 2 strokes to get the ball from the green and into the hole, Tiger performed a two-putt.

Scoring a two-putt is a decent result to finish a hole that will not inflate your score in many cases. A two-putt will often still allow you to score par for a given hole, assuming you got to the putting green with a reasonable number of strokes.

A two-putt might raise some applause and cheer from the spectators in the crowd sometimes, if the second putt is satisfying to watch and far away from the hole.

Two-putts are known to be very common on a golf course, and a lot more common than one-putts.

To give you a better idea of how common two-putts are, professional golfers take around 1.7-1.8 putts per hole, on average, while the average male golfer requires 2.2-2.5 putts per hole. This goes to show that two-putts are more common than one-putts and three-putts.

Where professional golfers and average golfers differ is in their level of satisfaction with performing a two-putt. Average golfers typically require more than 2 putts per hole, so they will naturally be ecstatic with a two-putt.

On the other hand, professional golfers average less than 2 putts per hole, so performing a two-putt over a one-putt might make them a bit sour or dissatisfied with their performance.

To increase your reduce the number of putts you require per hole, you need to have a great short game (putting from the green). You should be practicing using your putter a lot. Mini-golf may also help you practice being an intuitive putter, although it is a bit different than being on a golf putting green.

The origin of the term “two-putt” is very simple. It simply comes from the idea that it takes “two putts” to sink the ball from the putting green into the golf hole. The origin of the word “two-putt” does not go any deeper than that.

In general, scoring a two-putt is an acceptable result that will not inflate your score too negatively. If you would like to require less putts per hole and lower your golf score, you can read our guide: How To Improve Your Golf Score? – 9 Pro Tips.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned exactly what the word two-putt means in golf. You also got to read some real-world examples to further improve your understanding of the meaning of a two-putt.

Do you have any other words you wish to know more about? How many putts per hole do you usually require? How often do you score two-putts? Let us know in the comments down below!

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