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What Does It Mean When Your Golf Tee Flies Forward?

golf tee
golf tee

Picture this. You are on the tee box, you wind up and unleash a blazing driver shot, you look down, and notice your tee landed far away in front of you! Is this bad? What does this mean?

If you have seen your tee land far in front of you before, you may wonder: what does it mean when your golf tee flies forward?

In this article, we will tell you exactly what it means when your golf tee flies forwards, as well as why it does this.

What Does It Mean When Your Golf Tee Flies Forward?

Hitting your tee and seeing it fly forward is common. It simply means you hit the tee forward, loosening the turf at the base of the tee, releasing the tee from the ground and letting it fly out forwards. Alternatively, you may be hitting the ball too high on the face of your club.

You may find yourself somewhat perplexed if, after taking a golf shot, your tee ends up landing more than 10 feet in front of you. You hit the ball, no? You were not aiming for the tee.

So, what gives? How is it possible that your golf tee flies out so far ahead of you?

The answer is simpler than you may think, and it is explained by rudimentary physics.

In fact, after you hit the golf ball, you likely caught part of the tee with your swing.

As you hit the tee, energy is transferred to the tee anchored in the ground, moving it forwards like a pendulum. The forward pendulum motions loosens up the turf, often enough to release the tee from the ground and send it flying.

If the tee has forward motion when it loosens up the turf enough to release it, then the tee will fly out forwards in front of you, sometimes further than you would expect.

On the other hand, if the tee does not loosen up the turf enough immediately, it may bounce back off the turf and the tee can fly backwards behind you.

The direction the tee flies in depends on when the turf loosens up enough to release the tee from the ground.

How far the tee travels in front of you can depend on a multitude of factors, including how hard you swing and hit the tee. A faster swinger will send a tee flying a lot further than a slow swinger, provided they hit the tee on the same part of the tee.

If you often hit the tee very far forward, then it may mean that you are hitting the ball too high on your club face. Naturally, this means that lowering your tee height may help you hit the golf ball more square, allowing you to deliver more power to the golf ball and less power to the tee.

In fact, if you use a high tee height configuration, your tee will be relatively less anchored into the ground, making it easy for it to fly out of the ground upon impact. A high tee height also means that you are more likely to hit a big portion of the tee.

This phenomenon of the tee ending up in front of you after your shot is very common. It is generally best to not pay much attention to where your tees land, as there is some randomness to it. It is a lot better to focus on executing correct golf swing technique.

Is It Bad If My Tee Ends Up In Front Of Me After My Shot?

No, it is irrelevant whether your tee ends up in front of you or behind you after your golf shot. Whether or not your tee ends up in front of you or behind you is somewhat random and should not be viewed as a performance factor. Your tee will end up in front of you most of the time.

You may think you are doing something bad if your tee ends up a few feet in front of you, but rest assured, this says almost nothing about your swing.

However, if your tee is ends up very far in front of you, it may be that you hit the ball too high on your golf club head face. This means you hit the tee more than you hit the ball, hence why there was enough force transfer to send the tee so far in front of you.

Assuming you are hitting the golf ball square, whether or not the tee ends up in front of you is simply a matter of how deep and tight it is secured into the ground, and how much force gets transferred to the tee.

You could reproduce the same exact swing twice and have the tee fly forward (sometimes backwards) at random distances, depending on where you take your shot from, the lie, the moistness of the turf, and so many other factors.

The bottom line is that you should absolutely not worry if your golf tee ends up a bit in front of you. In fact, most golfers tend to have their tee land a bit in front of them on average.

It is completely irrelevant whether your tee lands in front barely in front of you and is no indication about how good or bad your technique is. Instead, focus on your golf swing if you wish to improve at golf.


There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered exactly why your golf tee may end up flying forwards in front of you sometimes after a shot.

The answer is simple and based in physics. You hit the tee forward, which loosens up the turf and releases the tee flying with forward momentum, landing the tee in front of you.

Do you find this phenomenon interesting? How often does your tee end up in front of you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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