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What Are Golf Lake Balls?

pretty lake that probably has golf balls in it
pretty lake that probably has golf balls in it

Brand new golf balls can be quite expensive, reaching as high as 60$ per dozen balls.

But is there not a way to get cheaper golf balls? There is a way: Golf Lake Balls. But what are golf lake balls?

In this article, we will tell you exactly what golf lake balls, and why they are a lot cheaper than brand new golf balls.

What Are Golf Lake Balls?

Golf Lake Balls are balls that have been retrieved by divers from lakes, ponds, and other places. Balls retrieved this way are then cleaned up, sorted by brand, and repainted before being sold back to consumers as Lake Balls, usually for a fraction of the price of new balls.

Lake balls are golf balls that were once lost in lakes, ponds, and other places. After being retrieved by divers, the retrieved balls are cleaned up, sorted by brand, and sometimes repainted to be resold to the public as lake balls.

A funny fact to know is that the divers tasked with retrieving golf balls underwater are often bothered by marine life! Divers are especially not fond of the catfish, who rub the divers’ stomachs while diving.

Golf lake balls are always used, and sometimes waterlogged or gone bad. However, although previously used, lake balls have the benefit of often including some of the best professional grade balls offered at a much lower price.

It is not rare to find some professional grade Titleist or Taylormade golf balls among the random balls you might get in a batch of lake balls.

Lake balls are a great opportunity to find cheaper balls from good brands. Since golf balls are not recyclable, lake balls lessen the environmental load of golf on planet Earth, by repurposing used balls.

If you are not a professional golf player, then scoring a few strokes higher during a round of golf does not matter that much. Unless you are serious about scoring the best possible score in a round of golf, you can have fun and save the planet by buying lake balls over new balls.

A good option if you want to buy lake balls are the Yellow Premium Lake Balls:

These golf balls have been selected from top brands that would normally be more expensive, and Yellow claims to quality control their balls. The brands you can get in the pack of lake balls include Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, and Bridgestone.


There you go! After reading this article, you now know exactly what golf lake balls are, and why they are cheaper than brand new golf balls!

Golf lake balls are also great to use if you wish to lower golf’s ecological footprint on our beautiful planet!

Would you play with golf lake balls? Are you concerned about lake balls being waterlogged? Let us know in the comments down below!

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