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Top 5 Best Golf Video Games for PS4

best ps4 golf
best ps4 golf

Despite having been released back in the end of 2013, the PS4 (Playstation 4) is still a great piece of gaming machinery. There are many golf game titles available for the Playstation 4.

In this article, you will discover the Top 5 Best Golf video games for PS4.

Top 5 Best Golf Video Games for PS4

Down below is a list of the best PS4 (Playstation 4) Golf-themed video game titles.

5. Dangerous Golf

dangerous golf

Dangerous Golf is a great, unusual title coming from Three Field Entertainment, a company including members of the creators of the acclaimed Burnout franchise. However, instead of destroying cars, Dangerous Golf focuses and destroying household items with golf clubs.

Dangerous Golf is truly a wildly fun game in which you can break nearly all the items in the game, as well as make ridiculous trick shots. In fact, the goal of Dangerous Golf is to break as many things as you can.

Dangerous Golf gives you a purely destructive experiences that feels ridiculously fun and liberating because it allows you to do crazy things you could probably never do in real life!

In this game, you can hit or destroy statues, bathrooms, toilets, bottles, plates, gas stations, vases, medieval armors, and more!

Furthermore, your golf ball can be set on fire, causing additional damage to items!

Down below, you can read a summary of the pros and cons of this awesome game.

Pros of Dangerous Golf:

+Wildly different take on golf games, extremely fun

+You get to use a golf club to take out your anger on various items and rooms!

+Gain in-game money for destroying more items than your friends!

+Decent graphical destruction and fractures of items

+Single-player and multiplayer games modes, including local Solo, Co-Op game modes

+Supports up to 8 network players

Cons of Dangerous Golf:

-Not a Golf Simulator

-More of a destruction game than a golf game

4. Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf is a very easy, extremely accessible arcade golf game with a fun, casual gameplay and fun cartoonish graphics. The colors are very deep and vibrant, making it a visually pleasant game.

This golf game is unique in the sense that you can do more than just play golf. On top of playing golf, you can do some fishing, karting, and collect items across the golf courses!

This game has many fun game modes that differ from regular, traditional golf, including turf war & team battle. Although these game modes are simple, there are still some tactics that you can learn to get better.

Your characters can wear a wide range of clothes, even including dresses and heels for the female players. This game truly is everybody’s golf game.

Down below, you can read a summary of the pros and cons of this awesome game.

Pros of Everybody’s Golf:

+Simple controls

+Casual gameplay

+Fun cartoon graphics similar to Wii Sports

+Many special effects, both graphical and gameplay effects

+Unlike other golf games, you can do some fishing, karting, and collect items across the golf courses

+Wide selection of character customization and clothing

+Offline single player & multiplayer game modes for up to 4 players

+Unique game modes, such as turf war, team battle, daily tournament, etc.

Cons of Everybody’s Golf:

-Many of the available golf courses need to be unlocked by playing the game

-Some game modes are unbalanced

-Although optional, some of the in-game items are add-ons


3. Golf With Your Friends

golf with your friends

Overall, Golf With Your Friends is a hilarious game with chaotic gameplay. The unique selling point of this game? Everyone plays at the same time. Yes, at the same time.

Golf With Your Friends is a perfect party game in which almost everything is allowed, including ridiculous golf shots with customizable golf balls. For example, you can replace the golf balls with hockey pucks.

There are many funny and weird customizations you can bring into this game, making it a great game to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

There are 9 golf courses available with this game with really cool party and fantasy themes, like a nighttime mushroom biome, a forest, a museum, an Egyptian pyramid desert, as well as a haunted house.

Down below, you can read a summary of the pros and cons of this awesome game.

Pros of Golf With Your Friends:

+Very fun game with friends

+Every player plays at the same time, creating a funny & chaotic gameplay with no waiting times

+Fun, playful graphics

+9 golf unique & cartoonish courses to choose from

+Up to 12 players

+Simple controls

+Powerups can change the game at any moment!

+Explosions can occur on the golf course

+Very casual gameplay

+Ability to play golf with hockey pucks and more items instead of balls

Cons of Golf With Your Friends:

-Not a golf simulator

-Going out of bounds takes time to reset

2. The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 is a good simulator golf video game that feels overall quite realistic.

This game as both single-player, career, and multiplayer game modes, leading to a variety of play styles.

The Golf Club 2019 offers a good course creator with many options to create your dream course. On top of that, this game allows you to import golf courses created by other players, saving you time and giving you the pleasure of trying out interesting golf courses.

The Golf Club 2019 also features many unlockable styles, and the fact it is an official PGA Tour game gives it a lot of realism and a feel of authenticity.

Down below, you can read a summary of the pros and cons of this awesome game.

Pros of The Golf Club 2019:

+Decent golf simulator

+Career Mode

+Single Player & Multiplayer Modes

+Course Creator Mode

+Ability to import created courses from other players

+Unlockable cosmetics

Cons of The Golf Club 2019:

-Steep learning curve to get good

-Play-by-play commentary does not always make sense


1. PGA Tour 2k21

PGA Tour 2k21 is without a doubt the best golf simulator on the market. If you value a reliable simulator with the most realism possible, PGA Tour 2k21 offers the best there is.

In PGA Tour 2k21, there are various game modes, both single player and multiplayer, as well as a good golf course creator.

In career mode, you battle it out with the other professional players to become the best, #1 in licensed PGA Tour Rankings, and compete to earn the most prize money.

The PGA Tour licensing truly makes this game stand above the others in terms of the realism and the feeling of authenticity. Once you reach #1 in the PGA Tour Rankings, it will truly feel real, like you have accomplished your dream of becoming the world’s best golfer.

In career mode, you can also complete challenges during the golf rounds to unlock sponsorship rewards with the biggest reputable brands, such as Adidas and Callaway.

While you climb the PGA Tour Rankings, you will meet many rivals you will be compared to in the awesome Rivalry Progression system. As you beat your rivals, you will be paired with progressively stronger rivals and gain extra rewards.

There are over 25 golf courses included in this game, allowing for an endless feeling of novelty as you advance throughout the game.

PGA Tour 2k21 has very developed character creation options, as well as loads of cosmetics, including comedic ones, to unlock for free in the game. Furthermore, you can swap out your golf clubs and customize your bag with a plethora of options, including using a hockey stick instead of a putter.

There are many little funny Easter eggs in this game that you can unlock that definitely feel unexpected.

PGA Tour 2k21 offers many difficulty levels as well as the ability to turn on and off many helpful guides that aid you in gameplay. Thanks to all these options, you will never find the game too easy or too difficult; it will always be just right.

Down below, you can read a summary of the pros and cons of this amazing game.

Pros of PGA Tour 2k21:

+World Ranking System

+Career mode, quick play mode, online play mode

+Great custom character creator for career mode

+Access to many tournaments in the PGA Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour

+Very good simulation

+Many difficulty levels for any player

+Course Creator

+Sponsorship deals

+Rivalry progression system

+Trophy Case

+Many unlockable cosmetics styles and equipment available for free

Cons of PGA Tour 2k21:

-Handicap ratings are broken

-A bit of a learning curve to get good

-Playbacks of highlights from other players get annoying, although they can be skipped



There you go! After reading this article, you now know the top 5 best golf video games out on PS4! Whether you like hardcore simulators like PGA Tour 2k21 or more chaotic arcade games like Golf With Your Friends, you will find your pick!

What is your favorite PS4 Golf Game? Let us know in the comments down below!

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