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Top 5 Best Golf Range Finders Under 100$ (with Pros & Cons)

top 5 golf range finders under 100$
top 5 golf range finders under 100$

What are the Top 5 Best Golf Range Finders Under 100$? Golf Range Finders are an invaluable tool to get better at golf, but they can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, you are probably not going to find a range finder under 100$, unless you can find one on a slight discount.

For example, the AOFAR GX-2S Slope Rangefinder (number 2 on our list) is currently on discount for 99$ at the time of writing this article. That being said, here is a list of the best golf range finders under or almost under 100$.

Top 5 Best Golf Range Finders Under 100$

5. Mileseey Compact Range finder PF210 Basic

Mileseey Compact Range Finder PF210 Basic

The Mileseey Compact Range Finder PF210 Basic is a good entry-level range finder for beginners to purchase. It features 6x magnification and a clear image, as well as a slope function. Batteries are included, so you can use the range finder as soon as you receive it. This range finder comes with a carry case to protect it from mishandling. However, the Mileseey Compact Range Finder PF210 Basic is known to break down after 6 months of use for some people, but it comes with 2 years of warranty from most sellers.

Weight: 168g


+Slope function

+Batteries included

+6x magnification

+Measures distances up to 600 meters

+Comes with a carrying case

+2 years of warranty, lifetime customer support


-Not as waterproof as advertised

-Does not always function well when pointed towards the sun, or when there is insufficient light, like in the morning and at night

-The quality of this range finder is not always consistent across different customers

4. BOBLOV LF600 Golf Range Finder

BOBLOV 650 Yards golf range finder

The BOBLOV LF600 golf range finder is a unique range finder in the sense that it is completely rechargeable via a USB cable, rather than using batteries like most range finders. This range finder comes with many features, including a slope function if you purchase the premium version. However, since the battery is inside the range finder, if it has an issue, swapping the battery will usually not be possible.

Weight: 150g


+Rechargeable ranger finder, rechargeable with a USB cable

+Range mode, flag-locking mode & speed mode included

+Toggleable vibration when a measurement is completed

+Only 1 second to complete a measurement

+Adjustable eyepiece to get clearer images

+6x magnification

+Measures distances up to 594 meters

+2 months for refund, 1 year warranty


-No slope function unless you pay for the premium version of the BOBLOV

-If there is an issue with the battery, your remedial options are limited

-Not the easiest range finder to get readings out of if your hands are shaky

3. MOESAPU CS-600 Pro Golf Laser Range Finder

MOESAPU CS-600 Golf Laser Range Finder

The MOESAPU Pro CS-600 Golf Laser Range finder is a range finder that is actually under 100$. It features a good 7x magnification, and various functions, such as slope, speed, tree height, and more. The range finder is comfortable for your eye and can measure long distances. However, the grip could be more comfortable, and it is not intended for very cold weathers, nor dark times of the day.

Weight: 177g


+7x Magnification

+Slope function

+Speed & height function

+Rubber eye mask for eye comfort and clearer image

+Batteries included

+Measures distances up to 600 meters

+Automatically turns off after a while to prevent battery drainage


-3 seconds measurement time is not the fastest

-Grip could be more comfortable

-Works better when not in cold weather or dark times of the day

2. AOFAR GX-2S Slope Range finder

AOFAR GX-2S Slope Range Finder

The AOFAR GX-2S is one of the clearest range finders out there. The crosshairs are very clean. On the other hand, the product features a lot of plastic and is a bit bulky. Rubber elements make the range finder feel good and comfortable in your hand. The buttons are a little bit small. This range finder has a slope mode, and yards and meters unit options. This range finder can lock on to the flag up to 285 yards away.

Weight: 190g


+Slope function

+Batteries included

+Flag lock on up to 285 meters, measures other distances up to 600 meters

+6x magnification

+2 years of VIP support, lifetime warranty

+Rubber handles

+Waterproof construction

+Clean and clear crosshairs


-Plastic construction

-Slower distance measurement than other range finders

1. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser GS24

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser GS24

The Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser GS24 is a relatively inexpensive golf range finder despite being a high quality laser range finder. This range finder provides its user with a very clear image, thanks to the optical lenses, along with a powerful 6x magnification. This golf range finder is relatively affordable, and will help you improve your game. The Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser GS24 has almost anything you could ever want out of an affordable golf range finder.

Weight: 184g


+Magnetic mount to attach the range finder to your golf cart

+Slope function

+30 days refund if not satisfied

+Measures distances up to 594 meters

+6x magnification

+Locks on to the flagpole up to 137 meters, locks on to the flag itself up to 229 meters

+Clear image

+Vibrates to confirm the measurement is complete


-Batteries not included (2 AAA batteries required)


You now have a good idea of the top 5 best golf range finders under or almost under 100$. Even on a budget, you can find a good range finder to help you take your golf game to the next level.

If you are on a crazy tight budget, you can read our article reviewing the cheapest ranger finder on the market: the SODIAL 7x. The SODIAL 7x is not the most pleasant range finder to use, but it is typically sold for under 20$!

Any other good recommendations for golf range finders? Comment your thoughts down below!

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