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How & Where to Watch Golf Online? – 5+ Best Streaming Platforms

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streaming services on a laptop - searching how & where to watch golf online

How to watch golf online? Where to watch golf online? With how big the internet is today, it can definitely be a hassle to find the best place to watch golf online.

In this article, you can find down below a list of more than 5+ streaming platforms you can use to fill your golf-watching cravings.

How & Where to Watch Golf Online?

To watch golf online, you will need to subscribe to a golf streaming service offered by various companies online. Down below are a few of the best places where you can watch golf online, in no particular order. There are different options suitable for you, depending on where you live in the world, and restricted regions. Some of these platforms offer much more than just golf streaming, while others are specifically focused on golf.

1. PGA Tour Live within ESPN+

PGA Tour Live is a golf streaming platform available within ESPN+ for 6.99$ a month or 69.99$ per year in the United States. PGA Tour Live is the official streaming platform of the PGA Tour.

This streaming option will get you the full package to watch the entire PGA Tour.

2. GolfTV

GolfTV is a golf streaming service available just about anywhere in the world besides the United States, China, North and South Korea. In addition, GolfTV will fill all your golf-watching cravings for 9.99 British pounds a month or 89.99 British pounds a year. In fact, this streaming option will give you access to the entire PGA Tour, the Korn Ferry Tour, Golf Digest Schools, and even instructional videos from professional players like Tiger Woods.

3. Amazon Prime

If you have Amazon Prime, you then you already have access to partial coverage of the PGA Tour Live mentioned in #2. There is online featured hole coverage available with your Prime membership. You can watch PGA TOUR LIVE through the Prime Video App on more than 650 connected devices like Fire TV, some Smart TVs, tablets, and phones. Here is a list of the partial coverage of PGA Tour Live you can get with Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime PGA Tour Live Guide. This is the only free option in this list.

To sign up for Amazon Prime or get a free 30-day trial to watch the PGA Tour for FREE, click here: FREE 30-Day Trial to Watch PGA Tour Live on Amazon Prime.

4. Golf Channel

The Golf Channel is a golf streaming service offered by NBC Sports. To use it, you will usually need a TV provider such as Verizon, Xfinity, or many more.

However, if you do not have cable, you can watch the Golf Channel through other streaming services such as Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, or Youtube TV.

5. Skysports Golf

Skysports is a very well established British entertainment platform. With Skysports, you will also gain access to livestreams for many other sports, such as boxing, football, Formula 1, and much more. Finally, at the time of writing, Skysports Golf is available, along with other sports, for 60 British pounds per month.

6. MovieStarPlus Golf TV

MovieStarPlus Golf TV is the place to watch golf for Spanish speakers. The entire program offerings and livestreams are solely in Spanish. With MovieStarPlus, you will also gain access to loads of programs other than golf. Exceptionally, at the time of writing, you can get MovieStarPlus for a special price of 69 euros per month.


You now have a good list of the main places where you can watch golf online. Hopefully, you have found your pick and can fulfill your golf-watching desires!

What is your favorite place to watch golf, besides in person? Let us know in the comments down below!