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How To Clean Golf Clubs? – Easiest Home Method

clean golf clubs
clean golf clubs

How to Clean Golf Clubs? Are your golf clubs all dirty, looking like you found them in the front of a house, ready to be picked up by a garbage truck? Do your clubs look like you left them outside during a muddy rainstorm? How would you clean your clubs after such events?

Look no further than down below, our cleaning guide will tell you all you need to make your golf clubs look brand new.

How To Clean Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs can get quite dirty after a single outing at the local golf course. Unfortunately, golf clubs do not clean themselves, and you want them to look new for your next round. Having clean golf clubs will make you look more professional, not that anything else than your own enjoyment truly matters.

However, if you have dirt lodged into your golf club, it can reduce your own enjoyment by changing how well you play. In fact, extra debris attached to your golf club can change either the balance of the club, its aerodynamics, or the way it hits the golf ball.

For example, if the face of your golf club head is normally relatively flat, you can expect similar outcomes every time you hit the golf ball. On the other hand, if you have dirt attached to the face of the club head, the club will hit the ball differently, and can send it flying out of bounds.

For this reason, it is very important to clean your golf clubs well and prevent your performance from diminishing.

Steps to Clean Golf Clubs

Materials Needed:
-Dirty Golf Clubs
Mild soap or dishwashing soap
-Soft Brush (no hard or metallic bristles)
-Cloths or towels
-Liquid container or bucket

Step 1: Fill the container with hot water and soap

Use enough water to be able to submerge any of your golf club heads in the container. Use a warm to hot water temperature.

Only use mild soap that is not too abrasive. A good example of a product you can use is dishwashing soap.

Step 2: Soak a golf club head into the water

Plunge the head of one of your golf clubs into the container for a few seconds.

Step 3: Remove debris from the golf club head with the soft brush

Sometimes, the soap and hot water are not enough to remove all the debris from your golf club head. In this case, use the soft brush to dig out the debris from the club head’s grooves.

Do not use an abrasive brush with hard bristles (e.g. metallic wire bristles). Stick to a soft brush that will not damage your golf club.

Step 4: Wipe the golf club grip with a moist towel (do not use soap)

Over time, by playing golf, oil and salt residues can accumulate on your golf club’s grip, lowering the tackiness of it.

To remediate this issue, slightly moist a cloth or towel, and wipe the golf club grip with it. Do not soak the golf grip and do not use soap; those can cause issues such as ungluing the grip.

Step 5:  Wipe the golf entire golf club with a dry towel

Take a dry towel or cloth and wipe the entire golf club down to remove any water.

Do not leave any water on the golf club, or else it will likely rust, thus, damaging your golf clubs.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each of your golf clubs

Make sure you wipe every golf club dry before starting cleaning a different golf club.

Step 7: Store your golf clubs in a temperature-controlled environment

Once all your golf clubs are clean and dry, store them in a temperature-controlled environment, with no humidity or moisture. Do not leave your golf clubs in your garage or your car trunk.

Those uncontrolled environments can cause moisture and rusting on your golf clubs, damaging them significantly. They can also cause your golf grips and glue to harden, and even crack.


After reading this article, you now know the easiest at-home method to make your golf clubs shine bright like you just bought them! Furthermore, cleaning your golf clubs with this method will ensure debris does not negatively impact your performance! Happy golfing!

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Do you have other golf club cleaning methods? Share with us in the comments down below!