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How to Putt in Golf like the Pros? – Best Technique Explained

woman learning how to putt a golf ball like the pros
woman learning how to putt a golf ball like the pros

How to Putt in Golf like the Pros? In the beautiful game of golf, putting is the skill that separates good players from average players. If you have played golf before, you know how frustrating attempting to putt a golf ball into the hole can be.

You know just how hard it is to aim the ball path exactly towards the hole, without having it roll too short or too far. Putting is one of the most important skills in golf, and practicing it is extremely important.

Read the article down below, so that you too can learn to putt like the pros in golf.

How to Putt in Golf?

From the green, if you require 2 putter shots to sink the golf ball into the hole instead of 1 shot, you are effectively increasing your score by 1 per hole. Over the course of an 18-hole course, you would be increasing your score by 18. That has a huge impact on your handicap and it can easily be avoided by practicing your putting.

If you typically score 90 on an 18-hole golf course, you quite literally have the opportunity to reach the scratch golfer score of 72 by practicing your putting, by only needing one putter shot per hole. Only under 2% of golfers reach scratch golfer level, so you can definitely brag to your friends if you practice your putting.

There are a few different interpretations of golf putting, but we are going to share with you the best golf putting technique in the next section. Your putting will become ultimate, with enough practice performing correct technique. Remember to film yourself or have someone look at your technique, because practicing is only good if you are using the correct technique. Practicing incorrect technique will do some harm to your golf game.

Best Golf Putting Technique Breakdown

Step 1: Adopt the correct golf grip

Place both your hands on the golf grip as you do in most situations. If you do not know the correct golf grip, or have any doubts, read our article: How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly – The Best Golfing Grip. Extend your arms outwards enough so that your forearms line up in a straight line with your golf shaft.

Step 2: Set up your feet properly

Place both your feet square to your target, about shoulder width apart. Next, point your lead foot slightly more towards the target to open up your hips slightly. Bend your knees slightly. Keep your back straight, but bend at your hips over the ball by 45 degrees.

Step 3: Place the ball in the middle of your feet

Keep the golf ball in between your feet, at the same distance in front of you as usual, halfway between your feet.

Step 4: Pull your putter back

Look at the golf ball. Then, look at your target. Finally, look back at your golf ball, remembering the distance you want the ball to travel in your head.

Without bending your torso much, very slightly rotate your torso to pull back your golf club 1 to 4 inches behind the ball. The distance you pull your butter back should depend on how much pace you wish to give the ball.

Your arms should not move much; the movement of your golf club comes from the rotation of your torso. Your wrists should not be allowed to move much either. You want the face of your club head to hit the ball square when you swing.

Step 5: Swing your putter forward

Swing your golf club by rotating your torso slightly the other way with good pace. When you swing the golf club, the flat bottom part of the club head should slide on the ground, barely touching it.

Step 6: Follow through with your putter

Keep rotating your torso and follow through with the forward movement of your putter. Follow through until you reach about the same distance in front of the initial position of the ball as the distance you pulled your putter back behind the ball in step 4 (1 to 4 inches).

How to Master the Putting Technique?

To master the putting technique, you need to do one of two useful things.

First, you can hire a coach to give you instant feedback on your technique when you are practicing your drills. A good golf coach can be expensive, but a coach will be able to give you pointers. A good golf coach should know correct technique, and be able to instantly improve your shots if you are using incorrect form.

Secondly, you can decide to film yourself doing your drills. Then, compare your filmed technique with this article at, or with video tutorials online. This is a great option because it is free, and you can visually see exactly what you are doing wrong.

When you film yourself, you should do your drill 10 to 20 times with consistent form. Consistent form will help you find a trend and pick out your technical flaws. Film yourself from different angles, and analyze every aspect of your footage.

Observe the ball position relative to your feet, how much your knees are bent, the swing path of your club, the color of your shirt (ok, maybe that last one is not important). Over time, you will improve greatly and your filmed footage will become video tutorials in themselves. Practice with film, and you will become so good that you become a coach yourself.


You now know how to putt in golf like the pros and maximize your chances of only requiring one putt per hole! With this best putting technique in golf, you will absolutely improve your consistency, making you one step closer to becoming a dominant golf player. Keep working hard!

What’s the longest putt you ever sunk in the hole? Share your thoughts with the other readers in the comments!