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How to Polish Golf Clubs and Make Them Look Brand New

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Are you wondering how to polish your golf clubs because they’re all dirty, looking like you found them in the front of a house, ready to be picked up by the garbage truck? Do your clubs look like you left them outside during a muddy rainstorm? We have the solution for you.

How to polish your golf clubs?

polished golf clubs

Down below, our cleaning and polishing guide will tell you all you need to know to make your golf clubs look brand new.

You will need the following materials to polish your golf clubs:

Materials You Will Need:
-Your golf clubs
-Hot water
-Metal Polish/Car Wheel Polish
-Soft cloth

1. Brush your clubs with soap

First of all, it is important to clean your golf clubs well before applying metal polish.

Use hot water and a dish-washing soap, or a specialized soap for metal.

Apply the hot water and the soap to your golf club.

Next, use a brush or even a toothbrush to rub gently, but firmly, into the golf club, making sure to loosen up any dirt present on the golf club and in the club’s indents.

After you are done cleaning, rinse your golf clubs with water.

If you want a more golf specific solution to cleaning, a good, golf club-specific cleaning product is Lifestyle Basics Bite Golf Club & Cleaner.

2. Dry your golf clubs

Secondly, use a towel or cloth to dry your golf clubs.

Remember, make sure you leave no water on the golf clubs before applying metal polish.

3. Apply polish to the clubs

Thirdly, apply your metal polish to the golf clubs with a clean cloth, and let the polish sit on the clubs for about 60 seconds.

Avoid applying metal polish to your golf club’s face. It might alter slightly how a golf ball reacts when you hit it with your club.

A good, fairly non-abrasive metal polish you can use on your clubs is called Flitz. It’s better to use a less abrasive metal polish than one that is more abrasive because you don’t want to damage your clubs.

4. Wipe the polish off your clubs

Finally, after 60 seconds elapse, wipe the metal polish off the golf clubs.

Furthermore, we recommend you apply the polish to one club at a time so that you can be vaguely accurate as to how long you leave the polish onto each golf club. If you apply the polish to all your clubs at once, you will likely end up leaving the metal polish for over 5minutes on some clubs, as you struggle to wipe them all off quickly.

Video Summary

If you would rather learn how to polish golf clubs through a video, you can watch ours down below:


In summary, you now know the easiest way to clean and polish your golf clubs at home! You can now always look like your golf clubs are brand new, and not have any hard dirt in the grooves of your clubs bothering your game! We hope this golf cleaning and polishing guide helped you.

How do you typically like to clean your equipment? Share your tips with others in the comments!