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How to Size a Golf Glove – How to Choose a Golf Glove Size

golf glove holding a golf ball

How do you choose a golf glove size?

Did you know that about 50% of golfers are wearing gloves that are the wrong size? This has an adverse impact on their game, without them even knowing it.

Your hands, and the gloves around them, are the only things making contact with your golf clubs. Your hands directly affect your accuracy, power, carry distance, and every other factor in your golf shots.

You do NOT want your hands moving in your gloves.

You do NOT want extra material in your gloves that will reduce your feel for your golf club.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose the right glove size for yourself, or else your golf game will suffer!

How do you make sure you choose the right golf glove size before you buy?

white golf glove

1. Use a sizing chart for golf gloves

Below are generalized sizing charts for golf gloves, for both men and women.

In these tables, hand length is defined as the straight distance between the bottom of your palm, and the end of your major finger.

In these tables, hand circumference is defined as the circumference around your palm at the level of your first set of knuckles.

Men’s Sizing Chart

S6 7/8” – 7 1/8”7 3/4” – 8”
M7 1/8” – 7 3/8”8” – 8 1/4”
M-L (Medium-Large)7 3/8” – 7 1/2”8 1/4” – 8 3/8”
L7 3/8” – 7 3/4”8 3/8” – 8 3/4”
XL7 3/4” – 8”8 3/4” – 9 1/4”
2XL8” – 8 1/4”9 1/4” – 9 1/2”
3XL8 1/8” – 8 5/8”9 1/2” – 9 7/8”
Men’s Golf Glove Sizing Chart

Women’s Sizing Chart

S6” – 6 3/8”6 1/4” – 7”
M6 3/8” – 6 5/8”7” – 7 5/8”
M-L (Medium Large)6 5/8” – 6 3/4”7 5/8” – 7 3/4”
L6 3/4” – 7 1/8”7 3/4” – 8”
XL7 1/8” – 7 3/8”8” – 8 1/4”
Women’s Golf Glove Sizing Chart

These sizing charts will give you a general idea of which glove size to choose, but it is still important that you follow the next tips to make sure the fit is right. Sizing charts do not always give you the best fit for your hand in particular.

2. Check the fingertips of your glove

Feel the glove around your fingertips. There should be no excess material.

If the glove fits well and is snug in your palm area, but there is too much material around your fingertips, you may want to get a cadet sized glove.

Simply put, a cadet sized glove is a modified glove size that is designed for hands with relatively wider palms and shorter fingers.

If you have shorter fingers or a wider palm, a cadet sized glove may be the one for you. Cadet sized gloves are like regular gloves, but more catered to hands with shorter fingers.

3. Check the Velcro

Close and tighten your glove, fastening the Velcro strap. Look at how much Velcro you can still see.

You do not want to see more than ¾ of an inch of Velcro when the glove is closed. Between ¼ and ¾ of visible Velcro is optimal. If the Velcro is no longer visible after you close your glove, the glove is probably too large for you.

4. Check the golf glove snugness

Do a final check of your glove’s snugness.

You want the glove to be very snug, and almost feel like a second layer of your skin.

You do not want excess material at the tip of the fingers in your glove, nor in your palm. If you have a wider palm, but with shorter fingers, you should try out a cadet-sized glove. These gloves are like regular gloves, but more catered to hands with shorter fingers.

5. BONUS TIP: Leather Glove Thickness

If you are looking to buy a leather glove (over a synthetic or hybrid glove), a lighter colored glove (e.g. white, or similar) will give you slightly more feel than darker colored gloves.

In fact, darker colored gloves require pigments to be added to the material, which increases the glove thickness. More glove thickness will make it harder for you to feel your golf club. Therefore, a lighter colored glove is recommended over a darker colored glove.


After reading this article, you now know how to choose the right golf glove size relative to your hand size.

It is extremely useful in golf to choose equipment that does not hamper you, like gloves that are too big or too small. You can now rest easy that whatever glove you buy will be the right size for you, and only help you and your golf game!

Happy golfing!

Do you bulk buy gloves or prefer to buy one set at a time? Let others know in the comments!