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Where Do Golfers Stay While Participating in the Masters Tournament?

masters tournament logo fair use
masters tournament logo fair use

Every year, in the month of April, professional golfers swarm to Augusta, Georgia, to participate in the Masters Tournament.

The Masters Tournament is a special one, and some of the best golf players meet up there to battle it out and find out who is the best.

Some of your favorite players might be participating, so you may be wondering, where do golfers stay while participating in the Masters Tournament?

In this article, you will learn the best answers pertaining to where golfers stay while participating in the Masters tournament.

How Long Is The Masters Tournament?

The Masters Tournament spans over a full week of 7 days, meaning players and spectators alike need to plan for 7 days of accommodation.

The first 3 days are practice days, days spectators may be keen on skipping in order to save on accommodation costs. However, if spectators wish to use their cameras to capture the action, they will have to do so during practice days, outside of which cameras are prohibited.

Where Do Golfers Stay While Participating in the Masters Tournament?

Depending on budget and need for privacy, professional golfers will either rent a house, an Airbnb flat, a large RV or book a hotel for the duration of the Masters Tournament.

First of all, where golfers stay will depend on their popularity and prestige.

In fact, the most recognizable names in golf have safety concerns, and do not wish to be mobbed by crazy fans or paparazzis, so they need to fly under the radar more than others.

Next, the golfers that have more financial means will favor more private, secluded dwellings to stay at while participating in the Masters Tournament. On the other hand, newer professional golfers or those with historically bad performances might not have the budget to get a private resting place for the Masters.

Golfers who are financially well off will privilege more private accommodation, where it will be hard for fans to find them. For example, professional players will favor renting comfortable homes for the week, which can cost upwards of 10,000$.

To save on costs and make the week more fun, multiple golfers may rent a single house together.

Other golfers may have large, expensive and luxurious RVs that they can drive and live in while participating in the Masters Tournament.

The poorer professional golf players may have no other choice but to stay in hotels, although their privacy is less of an issue than for the better-known golf players.

If you wish to guess where this particular group of players stay at, you want to look at the highest rated hotels in Augusta.

For example, you might want to look at these hotels:

-The Partridge Inn Augusta, Curio Collection by Hilton: Although just a 3-Star hotel, the Partridge Inn Augusta receives high grades and even has a big pool to relax in. The rooms are clean and good-looking.

Partridge Inn Augusta pool
Partridge Inn Augusta

-DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Augusta: DoubleTree by Hilton Augusta is also a 3-Star hotel with high grades and customer satisfaction. You can get to the Masters Tournament in just 20 minutes from this hotel. This hotel also has a pool, whirlpool, fitness center, and restaurant. The rooms are spacious and professional.

doubletree by hilton augusta
DoubleTree by Hilton Augusta Room

-Ritz-Carlton Reynolds: Although this hotel is a little further away from the Masters Tournament, the Ritz-Carlton brand is known as one of the most luxurious brands in the world. You find celebrities of the likes of Justin Bieber booking the Ritz-Carlton. If you want a chance to see some of the world’s best players, the Ritz-Carlton might be a good place to look.

Ritz-Carlton Reynolds
Ritz-Carlton Reynolds

Finally, a lucky & small handful of amateur golf players (5 or less) get to sleep at “The Crow’s Nest”, a section of the Augusta National Clubhouse, while playing in the masters. At The Crow’s Nest, they bring you milkshakes whenever you want, and many more amenities. An example of a famous player who got to stay there is Bryson Dechambeau.

Where Do Spectators Stay While Visiting the Masters Tournament?

Spectators who travel to the Masters Tournament either rent homes in nearby towns, Airbnb flats, or hotels. Most spectators do not have an unlimited budget, and will split costs with each other by renting a place together.

Attending the Masters Tournament is an expensive privilege for most, as the costs of accommodation and more really start to add up.

Renting a house near the Masters Tournament, in Augusta, for the duration of the tournament can cost upwards of 10,000$. This is without transportation, food, Masters Tournament admission, and more.

Most people who travel to the Masters Tournament either rent homes in nearby towns, Airbnb flats, or hotels.

Furthermore, it is possible to rent an RV or simply bring yours if you own one, and to sleep in it if you wish for practical accommodation in Augusta for the Masters.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned where golf players and spectators alike stay while participating in the Masters Tournament.

As you have seen, there are many different types of accommodations available, such as renting homes, Airbnb flats, living in an RV, or booking a hotel. Furthermore, players and spectators alike can split costs by renting a place together, while making the experience more memorable.

Reminder to not harass the players if you do run into some of them. Put yourself in their shoes J

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