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How to Get FREE Golf Balls – UV Light Technique

free golf balls
free golf balls

So how do you get free golf balls? For most of us, losing golf balls is a much too common occurrence, as balls hook off the fairway, and into water or other hazards.

Every golf ball we lose is a golf ball we must buy, and the costs can sting your wallet sometimes, especially when you are saving for that brand new driver.

Here is a quick tips & tricks article discussing using the UV Light Technique to obtain completely free golf balls! In summary, you will need to go to the out of bounds areas of a public golf course to find lost balls.

How to Get Free Golf Balls? (Detailed explanation)

1. Purchase a UV-Light Flashlight

uv light flashlight to find free golf balls

To obtain free golf balls, purchasing a UV-Light Flashlight is a very good investment. The method for obtaining free golf balls described in this article is still possible without a UV-Light Flashlight. However, making the investment will exponentially facilitate how quickly you can obtain golf balls for free.

When you shine UV-light on a golf ball, it tends to shine brightly, making it easy to spot, say, at night. We are going to be using the UV-light flashlight to easily find abandoned golf balls by the tens and even the hundreds.

2. Find a Non-Private Property Golf Course and Ask for Permission to Visit

Next, you need to find a golf course near you that is not private property. Importantly, you should absolutely ask for permission to go ball hunting on the golf course you choose, to make sure you are not in the wrong. It is recommended you ask by e-mail, so you will have clear proof of permission to visit the grounds.

Do not ever attempt anything dangerous or illegal on a golf course, and that includes trespassing on private property. Make sure it is safe and legal for you to go to the golf course you wish to scope out for free golf balls. In addition, it is important to do your own research.

Furthermore, you obviously should not be looking for balls while other players are using the golf course. Exercise caution and do not bother others. Remember that people cannot see you well at night.

3. Go to the Common Out-Of-Bounds Areas at Night

Once you have found a good golf course that you have the permission to visit, you will want to travel to it, at night.

Go to the out-of-bounds areas on the different holes of this golf course. These areas are where people will have lost an incredible amount of golf balls for the taking. Since balls lost in foliage, bushes and more hazards are typically hard to find, especially during the day, these balls are often forgotten forever…until now.

NOTE: carry regular flashlights with you, and be prepared for any kind of hazard possible. These hazards include, but are not limited to, tree branches, snakes, alligators, deep water, etc. Exercise caution and stay away from safety hazards.

4. Turn On the UV-Light Flashlight to Find Free Golf Balls

Once you are in the out-of-bounds area of one of the golf holes you have permission to visit, turn on your UV-light flashlight.

Direct the flashlight towards the ground to shine light on any potential golf balls lurking around. Sometimes, only a small portion of the golf ball will be exposed, unhidden by leaves and foliage; this is when the UV-light flashlight is truly useful, as you will directly see the ball shine.

If someone has not had the same idea as you recently, you will see many golf balls lying around, free for the taking.  Likely, there will be multiple tens and even hundreds of golf balls. Make sure you brought an easy-to-carry bag to stash all the golf balls you will find.

Video Summary

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Considering you can obtain permission to visit a golf course near you, you now have a method to find a large amount of golf balls for free! Stay safe, stay within legality, and enjoy your free golf balls!

How many balls have you found using this method? Share with us in the comments down below!

Disclaimer: Make sure you are not trespassing on private property, or near the golf course when players are using it. Do not attempt any dangerous or illegal activity. Everything you do is at your own risk.