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The Cheapest Golf Range Finder Ever – SODIAL 7x Review

SODIAL 7x Pocket Digital Golf Range Finder

What is the cheapest golf range finder ever?

Typically, range finders for golf use can be quite expensive. More often than not, a range finder will cost well over 200$.

In this article, we will be reviewing possibly the cheapest range finder on the market: the SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder.

What to look for in a golf range finder?

When you are in the market for a new golf range finder, you want to look at these 3 factors:

-Price (cheap vs expensive, bang-for-your-buck)

-Performance (measurement speed, weight, etc.)

-Extra Features (vibration, flag lock-on, etc.)

Before buying any range finder, you should decide what your budget is, with a certain amount of wiggle room.

You should decide how long you want the range finder to last.

Not all golf range finders are legal in tournaments. If you are not just planning to play casual golf, you need to figure out if the range finder you are interested in is usable in competitive play.

Often, it is up to the local golf club, county and state golf associations to decide whether distance-measuring devices are allowed in their tournaments. This means that in some tournaments, there are no legal range finders.

In amateur tournaments and events, using range finders is usually legal for measuring distances. However, some range finders offer additional features over simply distance measuring.

Some of these features include measuring the slope and the wind speed, and these are not legal in tournaments. Many tournaments operate under an honor system, meaning you need to promise that you turned off your slope and wind speed features on your range finder.

On the other hand, in professional tournaments, in the PGA, golf range finders are not allowed. However, many professionals do use range finders during practice sessions.

If you do not know how to use a range finder, take a look at our article to learn how: How to Use a Golf Range Finder.

SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder Overview

The SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder is probably the cheapest golf range finder on the market today. This golf range finder typically costs under 20$, which is a phenomenally low price.

This range finder has a very lightweight construction, making it difficult to stabilize. It is very simple to use, but difficult to master, because the accuracy of its readings rely on your arm stability and your ability to line up the range finder with the flag.

The SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder only has distance measurement as a feature. It does not have slope or wind speed measurement features.

The SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder uses a manual adjustment system to lock onto the flags, making it one of the slowest range finder on the market, although it can be quite accurate if you use it well. To get accurate measurements, you need to input the golf course’s flagpole height into the range finder, and keep your arm as stable as possible.

The SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder requires 2 circular 3V batteries.

SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder – PROS

+Extremely cheap price for a range finder

+Fairly accurate distance measurements when used correctly

+You can input the flagpole height to get accurate readings no matter which golf course you are on

+Comes with a padded travel case

SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder – CONS

-Takes a while to get used to

-Relatively slow to lock on to flags

-Very light construction makes it hard to hold with stability

-An unobscured view of the flag is necessary to get a distance measurement with this range finder, due to how it works. You will need to guess how much further the flagpole extends behind the obstruction in order to get an accurate reading.

-Has no slope or wind speed features


Overall, the SODIAL Pocket Digital 7x Golf Range Finder is an amazing option for people who are on a budget. This golf range finder can definitely deliver accurate distance measurements. To get good measurements, you just need to get used it.

However, using this range finder will not be as pleasant of an experience as with a 300$+ laser range finder, mainly because of the time and effort it takes to get a distance reading (10-30 seconds).

Alternatively, if you would like to get a better range finder, yet still pay only about 100$, read our article: The Top 5 Best Golf Range Finders Under 100$.

Do you think this range finder is worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.