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How to Organize a 14-Way Golf Bag? – Optimal Setup

organization of a 14-way golf bag

How do you organize a 14-way golf bag? Organizing your golf bag is not always an obvious task to complete correctly for beginners. Organizing your 14-slot golf bag will be different from organizing 4, 6, or 8 slot bags.

Organizing your golf bag correctly can save you lots of time when wanting to retrieve a specific golf club while on the course. In fact, organizing your golf bag will also save you potential frustration from not being able to find that one club you need in the moment. Finally, organizing your bag correctly will help you protect your golf clubs from wear and damage.

How to Organize a 14-Way Golf Bag?

A 14-way golf bag holds its name from the fact it is divided in 14 slots. In these 14 slots, you can place the 14 golf clubs you are allowed to carry to keep them organized. There is one slot for each golf club in a 14-way golf bag. A 14-way golf bag’s high amount of dividers is useful for quickly separating each of your golf clubs. The large amount of dividers allows for only have one golf club per compartment.

If you organize your golf bag correctly, you will always know where each of your clubs are. This will save you massive amounts of time. However, a golf bag with many dividers does make one thing harder. It tends to make it slightly harder to place and pull out golf clubs from the bag.

As a general rule of thumb, keep your longer clubs towards the top of your golf bag, and the shorter ones at the bottom.

Steps to Organize a 14-Way Golf Bag

organization of a 14-way golf bag
Proper 14-Way Golf Bag Club Organization

Step 1: Place your putter in the top of the bag, close to the straps, because it is one of the most commonly used clubs

Step 2: Place your driver in the top left compartment of the bag

Step 3: Place your 3 wood in the top right compartment of the bag

Step 4: From left to right, on the next row, place your 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron and 6 iron

Step 5: From left to right, on the next row, place your 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron and pitching wedge

Step 6: From left to right, on the next row, place your 50 degree wedge, 54 degree wedge and 58 degree wedge

Step 7: Stow your exercise clothes in the full length-pocket of the bag

Step 8: Stow all your golf balls, tees, refreshments and other accessories in the remaining pockets of the bag. If you use items like a portable golf cleaner, attach them to the clips on your golf bag, provided it features clips.

P.S.: If you carry a slightly different set of 14 golf clubs, do not worry. Organize your clubs from top to bottom, putting the longer clubs in the top and the shorter ones in the bottom of the bag.

Important Notes

When you place a golf club in your bag, or remove it, do not clunk it against your other golf clubs. This physical contact leads to wear and potential damage to your expensive golf clubs. It is preferable to purchase a 14-way bag that has full-length dividers to avoid rattling.

Featuring many dividers, the 14-way golf bag uses more material than most other options on the market, making it one of the heaviest bags to carry. If you intend to carry your golf bag, it might be better to purchase a 4-way or a 6-way bag.

If you are not keen on carrying your golf bag, you can also opt to purchase a stand bag; this type of bag comes with rods attached to the bag that allow the bag to sit upright with stability. For 14-way golf bags, it is recommended to select a model that comes with stands.

Video Summary

If you would rather learn how to organize a 14-Way Golf Bag through video rather than through article form, you can watch our video down below:

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After reading this article, you now understand the best, most optimal way to organize your golf clubs in a 14-way golf bag. Thanks to this setup, you will limit the wear and damage dealt to your clubs through normal usage.

Why do you use a 14-way bag over other bag sizes? Let us know in the comments down below!