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Should You Buy Wide-Fit Golf Shoes?


Most initiated golfers know the importance of having a well-fitting golf shoe, as it gives you good grip on the turf, while limiting blisters. For golfers with really wide feet, there exist some wide-fitting golf shoes.

Depending on the size of your feet, you may wonder: should you buy wide-fitting golf shoes?

In this article, we will tell you exactly whether you should buy wide-fitting golf shoes.

Should You Buy Wide-Fit Golf Shoes?

If you have wide feet, then yes, you should buy wide-fit golf shoes. Wide-fit golf shoes will increase your comfort dramatically if you have wider feet than most people. Wide-fit golf shoes are sold by a few brands, such as Footjoy, Adidas, and Ecco.

If you have very large feet, you might not be comfortable in standard sized golf shoes. In standard sized golf shoes, your feet may overflow on each side. This can be uncomfortable, make your stance unstable, and lead to painful blisters.

You can prevent blisters by wearing wide-fitting golf shoes that are correctly sized.

Golf shoe comfort and performance are both important in golf, as well as related. You want a shoe that is tight enough to hold and support your feet, but not so tight that you are squeezed and get blisters.

A shoe that is too loose will also give you blisters, as your foot will move in the shoe and scratch the shoe material. To pick the best golf shoe size, you can read our guide here : How To Size Golf Shoes.

It is possible that you have short feet, but that they are disproportionately wide. In this case, you need wide-fitting golf shoes. If you are excessively overweight, you might also prefer wide-fitting golf shoes, as your weight will be spread over a wider surface, easing foot pain.

How To Know If A Golf Shoe Is Wide-Fit?

To know if a golf shoe is wide-fit, research the shoe specifications. Golf shoes will usually indicate whether they are regular, snug, or wide fit. There are extra width modifiers that are added to shoe sizes that indicate a wide fit, such as 4E, 5E, 6E, XW, XXW, and more.

To know if a golf shoe is a wide-fit shoe, you need to do your own research on specific shoe models or manufacturers.

Some online stores, retailers, or manufacturers will tell you whether their shoe is a regular fit, snug fit, or wide fit. If you have a wide foot, you should always avoid snug fit shoes.

Regular fit shoes may work for you if you size up by half a size or one size, but you then run the risk of the length being too long for your foot. Purchasing wide fit shoes is generally the best option for you if you have wide feet.

Other shoes, brands, retailers and manufacturers offer special width modifiers on top of their regular sizes. These width modifiers are added next to the standard shoe sizes in the shoe specifications.

For example, a regular fit golf shoe may be size US12, but with a width modifier, the size would be US12 6E. In this case, the US12 6E would be the wide-fit shoe, as it has the 6E width modifier.

Width modifier examples include 4E, 5E, 6E, XW (Extra wide), XXW (extra extra wide), and more. Generally, the higher the number in the width modifier, the wider the shoe.

Different golf shoe brands use different sizing systems.

For example, Footjoy uses Regular, Wide and X-Wide shoe width modifiers on top of regular, standard shoe sizes.

Other brands, like Adidas, have sections of shoe models that are specifically designed for wide feet, with no option for regular fits. An example of golf shoe specifically designed for wide feet is the Adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoe.

You can check out Adidas’ wide-fit golf shoe collection here.

Ecco brand golf shoes have European sizing, with no half sizes. However, you can get an extra-width insole that goes in your shoe to make it a bit snugger to get the perfect in-between size.

How To Purchase Wide-Fit Golf Shoes?

You can purchase wide-fit golf shoes both online or in person. Notable brands that produce wide-fit golf shoes include Footjoy, Ecco, and Adidas. Buying shoes in person ensures a good fit, but your selection of shoes will be smaller than online. If purchasing shoes online, look for a return policy, in case the shoes do not fit.

If purchasing online, try to find information online from each brand/retailer/shoe manufacturer about their sizing charts and standards. Getting the right information will ensure you get a good fit, as different shoe brands use different size measurements.

Some retailers like Footjoy, Ecco, and Adidas carry a good selection of wide-fit shoes.

If you have wide feet, then you know how painful and time-consuming it can be to buy shoes that fit. Purchasing wide-fit shoes in person can give you a better fit sometimes, but you will also have a more limited selection of specialty wide-fit shoes to choose from.

If purchasing golf shoes online, try to find retailers with a return policy in case your shoes do not fit and you do not have money to burn.

If purchasing shoes in person, remember to wear the socks you will wear on the golf course so you will get the right fit. Trying on golf shoes with no socks or wrong thickness socks will harm your ability to know if you have the right shoe fit.

The shoe material you choose for your shoes can also impact comfort and how wide of a foot it can accommodate. If your feet tend to overflow out the sides of the shoe, then a rigid material will constrict your foot and hurt it.

If your feet overflow, but you choose a softer, fabric-like elastic material, there will be more give in the shoe. These types of soft fabric can bend to morph around the shape of your foot, providing superior comfort.

However, beware that softer materials to make up the shoe will result in less support of your feet. Less foot support means less golfing performance and a higher chance of hurting your ankle.

If after following all of these tips, you still cannot find a good shoe, considering ordering a custom pair of golf shoes. This will by far be the most expensive option, but you can get a shoe literally made for your foot size.


There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered whether you should buy wide-fitting golf shoes.
If you do decide to purchase wide-fitting golf shoes, make sure you get the right shoe length. You can read our sizing guide here to get the optimal shoe fit.
How important to you think comfort is in a golf shoe? Let us know in the comments down below!

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