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Is Smoking Allowed In The PGA Tour While On A Golf Course?

is smoking allowed in the pga tour
is smoking allowed in the pga tour

Although smoking is a terrible habit for your health and mind, many people still indulge in such a drug, and that includes certain golfers.

In light of this statement, you may have wondered before, is smoking allowed in the PGA Tour while on a golf course?

In this article, we will explore the question, and give you all of the answers so you can understand if and when smoking is allowed in the PGA Tour.

Is Smoking Allowed on Golf courses in general?

Yes, smoking is generally allowed on golf courses, as long as you respect local laws related to smoking, and are mindful of other people who do not want second-hand smoke.

Is Smoking Allowed In The PGA Tour While On A Golf Course?

In the PGA Tour, smoking is allowed on a golf course. However, the PGA asks smokers to be discrete about it in order to not popularize smoking among young audiences.

Since the game of golf is broadcast internationally in various countries and draws a significant number of viewers, the PGA asks their camera crews to avoid filming anyone smoking or chewing tobacco.

By not filming any acts of smoking or chewing tobacco, the PGA avoids giving a false impression to their audience that they support smoking.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are terrible habits that will take your health and some money away from you, so it makes sense how the PGA wishes to dissociate itself from those bad practices.

Are Professionals Allowed to Smoke while on a PGA Tour Golf Course?

On PGA Tour golf courses, professional players are permitted to smoke. However, the PGA kindly asks smokers to be discrete while smoking in order to not popularize smoking among children.

Currently, professional golf players are permitted to smoke on a PGA Tour Golf Course, but they must try to hide their cigarettes and tobacco if they know there is a camera pointed at them.

Furthermore, they need to choose their timing correctly for taking a smoke break. In fact, if they want to smoke, the players are encouraged to do it while walking to a new hole instead of when it is their turn to shoot the ball.

When it is their turn to shoot, there will be too much attention on the players, so it will be a bad time to smoke for the sake of discreteness.

Therefore, it is asked of the players to favor the time in between shots if they wish to smoke.

As medicine evolved and more research was done proving the harmful effects of smoking and chewing tobacco, many players have dropped the bad habit of smoking & more.

However, in the earlier days of golf, there were a lot more professional players who smoked, until the sport got more competitive and more players tried to maximize their health for the sake of performance.

There have been many examples of PGA Tour golf players caught smoking before, including John Daly & Thomas Bjorn.

Are Spectators Allowed to Smoke while on a PGA Tour Golf Course?

On PGA Tour golf courses, spectators are allowed to smoke. However, spectators need to be mindful of where their smoke is spreading, and to be respectful of the space and fresh air of others.

Currently, spectators are free to smoke or chew tobacco while on PGA Tour Golf Courses, as long as they respect local laws (e.g. age of majority, local legality of the substance).

It is fairly likely you will see someone smoking when you visit a golf course, which would demonstrate it is probably permitted to smoke on that course. Smokers often can only go one to a few hours before they feel a need to smoke, so they will expose their habits eventually.

Even though smoking is allowed on most golf courses, you still need to have proper golfing etiquette, and have decent manners.

For example, if you are close to other people, walk away from them before smoking in order to avoid them having to breathe your smoke. Similarly, if the wind is blowing your smoke into other people, walk to a different location where you will not bother anyone.

Just like professional players, you should only smoke in between shots, not during your turn. If you smoke during your turn to shoot, you will make other people wait on you, which is rude.

Prohibited Items on PGA Tour Golf Courses

Although cigarettes and tobacco are allowed on PGA Tour Golf courses, there are still prohibited items.

For starters, you are not allowed to have bags larger than a small purse (6”x6”), including carrying cases, backpacks, camera bags or chair bags.

Furthermore, any bag you cannot bring clear plastic, vinyl or other carry items larger than 12”x6”x12”.

You cannot bring glass cups or bottles besides those for medical needs to tend to a child.

On PGA Tour Golf courses, you cannot have computers/laptops, sports memorabilia, fireworks, laser pointers, seat cushions with pockets, knives, firearms, other weapons, cameras, selfie sticks, posters, signs or banners.

In addition, you cannot bring radios, televisions, portable speakers, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, skateboards, hover boards, similar objects, or drones.

Lounge chairs or big chairs that feature foot rests are prohibited.

If you were hoping on bringing your pet with you, you are out of luck, because animals are prohibited, except for service pets.

To get a list of the items permitted on PGA Tour Golf courses, you can click here.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned that smoking is generally allowed in the PGA Tour while on a golf course, although you need to respect proper golf course etiquette.

We would like to remind you that even though you may see some of your idols smoking, not everything they do must be modeled! Never smoke and you will be healthier, and richer!

Smoking is bad for your health! Do you know people who have smoked on a golf course? Let us know in the comments down below!

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