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How to Use a Golf Range Finder – Easiest Method

how to use a golf range finder

How to use a golf range finder? What is a golf range finder?

In the sport of golf, a range finder can serve as an invaluable tool to help you lower your handicap.

A range finder allows you to accurately measure the distance from your standing point to the flag, within mere seconds, giving you a much better idea which golf club to use rather than by just eye-balling distances.

For example, by estimating distances without tools, from afar, you could easily mistake a distance to green of 200 yards to only be 150 yards. Because of this false information about distance separating you from the green, you will club down and likely shoot the ball short of the green.

But with a range finder? Never again.

Look no further than down below to learn how to use a range finder for golf.

1. Turn on the range finder

Ginour SW-M1000 Range Finder
Ginour SW-M1000 Range Finder

This step should be quite easy, as range finders generally have very few buttons. Usually on top of the range finder, you will find a power button. Click that power button to turn on the range finder.

2. Point the range finder at the flag while looking through it

Ginour SW-M1000 Range Finder Aiming process

Next, put the range finder’s eyepiece at your eye level, and look through it like you would a telescope.

Look through the range finder and aim it at the golf hole’s flag. Try to keep the range finder as steady as possible. If the range finder’s construction is on the lighter side, this can prove challenging in heavy wind conditions.

3. Wait for the range finder to lock on to the flag

When you aim the range finder at the golf hole’s flag long enough, keep it steady until it locks on to the flag. This step usually takes no longer than a few seconds.

Some range finders will simply give you a distance reading, while others will vibrate, use blinking lights, or emit audio cues to indicate that they are done reading the distance to the flag.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder's flag lock on
Example of the Gogogo Sport Vpro range finder‘s flag lock on process

Quick caveat, it’s fairly common that range finders don’t always react as advertised when it comes to letting you know they’re done reading the distance to the golf hole’s flag. In fact, many of the range finders we’ve tested throughout the years wouldn’t vibrate or blink, even though they were intended to.

However, these range finders still did their job well, and it is quite easy to know on your own when they are done taking their reading.

4. Note the distance reading

Within a few seconds after pointing the range finder at the golf hole’s flag, you can simply read off the range finder to know how far away you are from the flag.

Now, accurately knowing your distance from the hole, you can make an informed decision about which golf club to use! Along with knowing your carry distance for each of your clubs, a range finder will definitely help you tremendously lower your handicap, as well as give you a better feel for estimating distances when you do not have access to a range finder.


You now know how to use a range finder, and with that information, you can go out there and it the green nearly every time! With enough practice and skill with club selection, of course.

If you are looking for an affordable golf range finder under 100$, read our article: The Top 5 Best Golf Range Finders Under 100$!

Do you think a range finder improves your game? Have you tried using a range finder? Let us know in the comments!

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