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How to Travel with Golf Clubs? – 5 Options for Golf Travel


If you plan to go on a trip to play golf in exotic locations or with friends who live elsewhere, you might be wondering how to effectively transport your equipment. In this article, we will show you great ways to facilitate your travels with golf clubs.

How to Travel with Golf Clubs?

How to travel with golf clubs and how to travel with a full set of golf equipment? A full set of golf equipment, including golf clubs, balls, accessories, and more, feels quite encumbering. This is especially true when you add the word travelling to the mix.

However, there are solutions to travelling with golf clubs that make the process much more bearable.

5 Options for Travelling with Golf Equipment

Look down below for the 5 best solutions to travel with golf clubs in the most comfortable way possible.

1. Buying a Golf Travel Bag + Flying

The first solution you can try to travel with your golf clubs is to take them on your plane with you.

When you are choosing how many bags you will bring with you on your plane while purchasing your ticket, you should be able to, with most airlines, specify you have a golf bag with you, and fees will be calculated automatically.

This is not the most cost effective solution on this list, but it will be a fast solution that will allow you to bring your favorite golf clubs with you. If you decide to fly with your golf clubs, make sure you take a direct flight, or your golf bag may get lost between transits.

A lost golf bag can take days to return to your hands, and this might destroy your exotic golfing getaway away from home. You need clubs to play golf, so take a direct flight.

How are my golf clubs going to stay in one piece during a flight? It is no secret that the people loading luggage onto a plane are not gentle at all with suitcases and bags. You will often see them throwing bags onto the plane, and in most cases, this is totally fine.

However, with your expensive golf clubs on the line, you want to invest in a golf travel bag.

These travel bags, specifically made for golf, are typically designed exclusively for travelling with your equipment while protecting it; travel bags are generally not designed for playing with them.

Travel bags come in two forms: stand-alone hard case bags to hold your golf clubs, or hard covers that go over your usual golf bag. The harder the travel bag is to offer better protection, the heavier it generally is.

For most people who want to fly with their golf clubs, a travel bag is a great investment that will cost substantially less than replacing their damaged clubs.

Make sure the travel bag you choose will be accepted by your usual airline. If you want to be absolutely sure, try calling your airline, and sending them emails with links to the travel bag you want to purchase.

Finally, there are specific travel insurances you can pay for in case your golf equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged. These can definitely be worth it, as they generally cost way less than the total value of your golf gear.

2. Shipping your Golf Equipment in Advance

The second solution is to ship your golf equipment in advance. If you know in advance where you will be staying on your trip, and do not need your gear for a while, you can cheaply ship your gear.

By shipping your golf equipment in advance, you can pay lower fees, and you will not have to deal with carrying it around the airport.

The main drawback with this solution is how long it takes to ship equipment, especially if it is by sea.

You should also see if there are any insurances you can pay for to protect your golf clubs in case of loss or damage. There are companies that will specifically help you ship your golf bag.

If you use this shipping method for your golf equipment, investing in a golf travel bag can only improve the chances of your equipment arriving at your destination in perfect condition.

3. Driving with your Golf Equipment

If your destination is not separated from you by a body of water, then it is likely possible to travel by road. If the destination is not too far, or you are up for a road trip, you can definitely consider travelling by car!

For some people, travelling by car is the most comfortable and memorable way to travel long distances, and it definitely offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of your stops, and where you go.

By travelling in an automobile, you can even try out multiple golf courses, in different places along your journey!

If your vehicle is big enough to carry one or a few golf bags, as well as the passengers, traveling by car is a great option for golf travel. Technically, you are getting free golf bag shipping.

You will have to pay for gas, but the odds are that it will be less expensive than the plane ticket you otherwise would have bought.

4. Renting Golf Clubs

If you will not be staying long at your destination, or if you are not that good of a golfer yet, you may want to think about renting golf clubs at your destination.

By renting golf clubs, you completely avoid shipping fees, discomfort, and complications. In addition, you ensure that your expensive golf equipment will stay at home in security, away from hazards and careless handling.

Of course, renting golf equipment is not free, but it is safe. If you will only be playing one or a small amount of golf rounds, renting equipment may just be the best option on this list for you.

However, if you are an advanced golf player with specific equipment tastes, rented golf equipment can slightly annoy you. In that case, maybe you will prefer a different option on this list for golf travel.

5. Buying a 2nd Set of Golf Equipment

Finally, if you often travel to your destination, you should consider buying a 2nd set of golf equipment you would leave at your destination.

This way, you will avoid shipping fees, and risks of equipment damage forever. In addition, you will have custom golf equipment hand selected by yourself to be comfortable for you. For advanced golf players, this could be a solid option for golf travel.

Although this is the most expensive option on this list in the short term, if you are often travelling to your destination in question, this cost of this option will eventually become less than the cost of travelling with your golf bag every time. In the long term, this is one of the best options.

Video Summary

If you would like to find out how to travel with golf equipment through video format rather than text, watch our video down below:


There you go! You now have 5 great options that will help you figure out how you want to travel with golf clubs. Travelling with golf clubs does not have to be too uncomfortable if you think it through, and take the necessary precautions.

Think deeply about which golf travel option would be the best for you, in both the short term and the long term. Weight the pros and cons of each option, and you will find your best solution.

Why are you travelling abroad? Let us know in the comments down below! We’d love to hear your journey.

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