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How To Find Love Through Golf? – 5 Ways To Find Your Match

two romantic partners in love under the sunset
two romantic partners in love under the sunset

It is no secret that golfers tend to love other golfers. Golfers tend to be classy, responsible, educated, as well as athletic.

If you are currently a single golfer, you may wonder: How to find love through golf? How to find a man or woman who has the same passion as you?

Finding a love partner is not always something you can force, but there are ways to increase the probabilities of success through taking opportunities. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to find a golf-loving partner to accompany you in your life.

How To Find Love Through Golf?

To maximize your chances of finding love through golf, you need to optimize your attractiveness, your mindset, and the amount of opportunities you take. Be presentable, interesting, and non-needy. Attend golf events as a spectator, player, volunteer, or employee. Participate on golf forums and give your online dating profile a golf theme.

Finding love through golf requires some amount of luck, but you can increase your chances by either optimizing both your mindset and the number of opportunities you put yourself in.

First of all, you cannot be pushy or needy. If you communicate any underlying desperation or feeling that you “need something to happen” with a potential partner, it will be felt and off-putting to your potential partner.

The goal of successfully attracting a date is to communicate interest without communicating neediness. This all starts with your mindset. If you believe you are a cool person who has many opportunities to find love, then you will not mind if it does not work with someone you are talking to now.

If the interaction with your potential partner does not work out, you should not care that much. It is not that serious. Having a certain level of detachment from outcome is extremely attractive and it prevents you from putting pressure on the other person.

This kind of mindset assures that the partners that come into your life are there not because they felt pressured, but because they truly wanted to.

One important mind shift to experience in order to not be needy is to realize that most of the time, when people say they love someone after having just met them, they are not in love, but needy. There is a difference between neediness, and love.

Neediness emerges from a sense of lack, of desperation, of desire, of longing after something you do not have. On the other hand, love often takes more time to develop. Neediness is unattractive. Truly loving someone requires actually knowing who the other person is.

In order to minimize the amount of neediness you feel and to maximize your dating prospects, actually get to know someone before saying you are in love with them. Realize that no one is perfect, and if you are already in love, you may be selectively ignoring the negative qualities of your potential partner.

On top of keeping good care of yourself, in both your grooming and your physical health, being a cultured, well-travelled person does wonders for appearing intriguing. Make sure you participate in conversation with your potential partner. No one likes to talk to a wall.

While maximizing your attractiveness and your dating mindset, you also need to put yourself in opportunities where you are likely to meet golf-loving partners. In the next section of this article, you can read some of the best ways to meet potential golf-loving partners.

5 Ways To Meet Golf-Loving Singles

Down below are some of the best ways to meet golf-loving partners. These methods can be used to meet dates, romantic partners, but you might also find new friends in the process.

Please note that there is no method that will guarantee you a long-term partner who you love and who loves you back. You must be patient and ok with any outcome if you are to keep your sanity and live a happy life. Be full of joy and inner happiness even alone; it comes from within.

A loving partner is a bonus to an already happy life. That being said, good luck. The more opportunities you put yourself in, the higher the likelihood of you meeting the love of your life.

1. Dating Sites With A Golf-Themed Profile

The first method you can try that can help you attract a golf-loving partner is to use dating apps. To increase the likelihood of meeting a golf-lover, make sure you optimize your online profile by giving it a golf theme.

Be sure to include pictures of you playing golf and attending fun golf events. In your caption or description, make sure to explain concisely and briefly that golf is one of your passions and the meaning it has for you.

If you set up your profile to make it attractive and golf-oriented, there is a chance you will match with other dating app users who share the same interests. However, do not be bummed out if you do not get many matches.

In reality, these dating apps are businesses, and businesses try to make lots of money, even if it is to the detriment of the user bases. Apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge hide your potential matches from you, but they tell you they exist.

Furthermore, during the first week of use, your profile is shown to many other people and you will get a decent amount of matches. However, after the first few days, these dating apps show your profile to less and less people, which results in barely any matches. Then, they advertise to you their “premium subscription” to their app which should “magically” get you matches.

These dating apps will simply sell you a subscription service solution to a problem that they created (hiding your profile). Make sure you do not fall into the trap of thinking the reason you are not getting matches is necessarily because you are unattractive. Dating apps are businesses.

Dating apps prey on the desperation of lonely people, and they attempt to agitate that loneliness by dangling a carrot (potential matches) in front of their eyes without ever delivering…UNLESS you pay for their overpriced monthly subscription fee.

The bottom line is that dating apps can get you lucky every now and then, but they are a fairly poor investment of time, even if you do end up paying for the subscription plans.

Another important note to mention is that dating apps are plagued with bots and scammers, which can give you a sour experience on dating apps.

Try to stick to the most popular dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble and Tinder to reduce the chance of bots and scammers and increase the chances of talking to real people. Another decent app to use is, which allows you to filter people according to their hobbies, including golf.

An important thing to mention is that men heavily outnumber women on dating apps, and are less picky than their female counterparts. Therefore, if you are a woman, you will get loads of matches, and you are on the lucky side.

On the other hand, if you are a man, you are out of luck because it will be harder for you to get matches than for a woman. It might only take you one match to find someone you like, but the odds of that happening are fairly low. Dating apps are kind of a hail mary shot in the dark method that can work sometimes.

Because of the lower likelihood of getting matches as a man, the experience can be somewhat depressing and unfulfilling. Please note that it is not really your fault, dating apps are simply set up this way. The truth is that you will have a much better chance and experience meeting people in real life than online.

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you feel like using dating apps is adversely affecting your mental health or making you feel unattractive or unwanted, delete the apps immediately, and go meet people in real life. Dating apps give you bad feedback to extort money out of you.

Dating apps can work sometimes, but they should probably not be your main method of meeting new potential romantic partners. If you are lucky, you will be able to find love through golf on dating apps.

2. Pairing Up With Random People For Golf Rounds

A great, fun, organic way to meet singles and friends is to sign up for rounds of golf and get paired with random people.

Do not be intimidated by going to golf courses alone; it can be a great and fun experience to meet new people, break out of your comfort zone, and maybe even find love.

The truth is that you never know who you will be paired with. You might not be paired with anyone you are interested in or who is even of the gender you are attracted with. You might get paired with grouchy people who do not want to talk, but you might also be paired with your future partner.

The great thing about using this method for finding golf-loving singles is that you are doing what you love and what you would be doing anyways! With this method, you can join the useful to the pleasurable and kill two birds with one stone.

Pairing up with random people for golf rounds will have the added benefit of increasing your social skills and your ability to provide good emotions to people, two elements that are primordial in dating.

Furthermore, you will network with and meet new people. These new people can become your friends, and they might even introduce you to their friends or family who might end up being your partner!

The wider the web you spin across social circles, the higher the chance you have of being introduced to someone you like.

Meeting people in person also allows to get a much better and quicker feel for whether a partner is right for you or not. It is also easier to get to know someone in person rather than online. You will find love through golf much quicker in person.

3. Volunteering Or Working At Golf Courses Or Events

Our third way to meet golf-loving singles is to volunteer or work at golf courses or golf-related events.

Where do people who love golf typically meet? At golf courses and events. Going to the places where your ideal partners are likely to be should be common sense after reading this article.

Working at a golf course can make you money while meeting new people who might become your partner. Volunteering at a golf course can relax you and make you feel happy to be helping others, while also opening the gate for meeting new people.

If you meet, help or serve someone that you find attractive and who you have a good feeling with, ask them if they want to play a round of golf or grab a drink with you someday. If the answer is positive, exchange contact details.

If the answer is negative, that is ok too. There are plenty of golfers on the green. Besides, you are there to work and volunteer, dating is just a secondary bonus to your day that is not required.

Keep a positive, detached mindset, and you increase your chances of finding love through golf.

4. Messaging Other Golf Lovers On Golf Forums

In the 21st century, the internet emerged as a mainstream way to talk about golf, whether it be in the forms of videos, livestreams, forums, or the article you are reading right now on

There are a multitude of sources online on which you can connect with other golfers (like the comment section of this article), as wells as forums such as r/golf on On these forums and comment sections, many golf lovers talk, discuss ideas, joke around, or argue.

From your finger tips, you can have access to thousands and millions of golf lovers online, strike up conversations with them, discuss ideas, and make new friends. From your internet-connected device, you can potentially find love through golf.

If you enjoy talking about golf, then golf forums such as r/golf (fully anonymous) can be a fun place to comment and message people to express yourself. If you have a good interaction with someone of the gender you are attracted to, you can message them privately for a longer, deeper conversation.

An important thing to note about forums is that they are often anonymous, which allows for a casual atmosphere conducive to new relationships, but it also means that once you see the other person, you might not be attracted to them.

Another important note is that and r/golf are not dating specific forums, so keep that in mind to not be overbearing. Furthermore, the chances of you finding someone who is local to you is fairly low.

After striking up conversations with a decent amount of people, you are bound to find someone who you connect with. After a while, you can offer to have a phone call if there is a good vibe between you two.

Phone calls are much more intimate and you can actually feel out who a person really is on calls a lot more easily than by text. Even if nothing romantic comes out of the interaction, meeting new people is often soul-feeding and enjoyable.

5. Attend Golf-Related Events

Another good way to find love through golf is to attend golf-related events, such as golf tournaments, as a spectator or a player.

If you are a good golf player, then the spectators of the other gender will be eying you closely, and will surely be open to a conversation with you after the tournament is over.

If you are spectating, then there are loads of opportunities and lots of time to strike up conversations with the people around you. You can make comments out loud when someone makes a nice shot at a tournament, which leads to other conversations.

Another great tip is to make funny comments about certain things. If you can make people around you laugh and give them good emotions, it paints you in a good light, and brings a jolly mood to future conversations.

However, make sure your comments are actually funny. There is a fine line between funny and overly abrasive.

When speaking out loud to yourself or to others, be fun, self-amused, and have few filters. By giving good emotions to other people, they will feel drawn to you and will tend to reciprocate.

Expect nothing in return for making other people feel good, and you will make friends or find single golf-loving dating partners.

After meeting someone with whom you feel that little romantic spark, exchange contact details and set up a date to do something fun together.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned multiple ways and methods to find a loving partner who loves golf just as much as they love you.

Stay positive, confident, and detached as you apply these techniques to meet a golf-loving partner you might spend the rest of your days with. Being the source of good emotions for other people is important to find love through golf.

What other methods do you know for finding love through golf? Let us know in the comments down below!

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