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How to Clean Rust Off Golf Clubs? – Easiest Method

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After a while, because of the weather, humidity, or other causes, your golf clubs might experience some rusting.

rusty chains

On top of looking aesthetically unpleasant, the rust can change the angle at which your golf club hits the ball, which reduces the consistency of your performance.

Therefore, it is primordial that you remove the rust from your golf clubs if you wish to maintain peak golf performance, and to look professional around your friends and colleagues.

How to Clean Rust Off Golf Clubs?

How to clean rust off golf clubs? Cleaning rust off your golf clubs is a fairly simple endeavor that is explained down below. Simply grab all the materials you need, and follow our easy-to-follow guide, and your golf clubs will be looking brand new in no time!

Steps to Clean Rust Off Golf Clubs

Materials Needed:
-Rusted Golf Clubs
-De-Rusting Agents (Coca-Cola/Vinegar/Rust Remover)
-Soft Brush (no hard or metallic bristles)/Toothbrush
-Cloths or towels
-Liquid container or bucket
Metal polish

Step 1: Fill the container with warm water and a De-Rusting Agent

Fill up a container with a mixture of warm water and a de-rusting agent such as Coca-Cola, vinegar or rust remover (look at the packaging instructions for rust remover). These de-rusting agents will slowly perform a chemical reaction with the metal and the rust to eliminate to detach the rust from your beloved golf clubs.

Use enough liquid to be able to submerge any of your golf club heads in the container. Use a warm-to-hot water temperature.

Step 2: Soak all your golf club heads into the container for 24 hours

Plunge the head of all your golf clubs into the container and leave them in for about 12 to 24 hours.

Every few hours, you can monitor the progress of the de-rusting process and decide when you are ready to go to the next step.

Think of when you were a child and you tried putting coins & pennies in a glass of Coca-Cola. After a few hours, you saw how the rust was no longer on the coins. The chemical process we are performing to remove rust from the golf clubs is very similar.

After 12 to 24 hours, move to the next step.

Step 3: Scrub one of the golf club heads with the soft brush

At this point, all of the rust should either be gone from the golf clubs, or easy to dislodge from the club head.

Use a soft brush to softly brush one of the golf club head’s to gently scrub off any rust still attached to the metal.

Do not use an abrasive brush with hard bristles (e.g. metallic wire bristles). Stick to a soft brush that will not damage your golf club. A good example of a soft brush you could use is a toothbrush.

Step 4: Wipe the golf club with water and a dry cloth

Once you removed all of the rust from the golf club, let some water run over it, and dry it with a dry cloth.

Make sure you washed off all of the de-rusting agent from the golf club.

Step 5:  Polish your golf club head with metal polish

At this point, your golf clubs should already be clean, so you will not need to brush your golf clubs with soap.

Your golf clubs should be dry before applying polish to the golf clubs. The metal polish should only sit on the golf club for around 60 seconds.

Avoid putting too much metal polish on the face of the club head, because you do not want to change the shape of this part of the club.

After 60 seconds, wipe the metal polish off the golf clubs with a clean towel. Do not try to polish multiple golf clubs at once; finish wiping off the metal polish before applying it to a different golf club.

A good, fairly non-abrasive metal polish you can use on your clubs is called Flitz. It’s better to use a less abrasive metal polish than one that is more abrasive because you don’t want to damage your clubs.

If you are looking for a full guide on how to polish golf clubs, read our article: How to polish golf clubs and make them look brand new.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each of your golf clubs

Make sure you wipe every golf club dry before starting to polish a different golf club.

Step 7: Store your golf clubs in a temperature-controlled environment

Once all your golf clubs are clean, dry, and free of rust, store them in a temperature-controlled environment, with no humidity or moisture.

Do not leave your golf clubs in your garage or your car trunk. Those uncontrolled environments can cause moisture and rusting on your golf clubs, damaging them significantly.

Every time you finish a round of golf, verify the condition of your golf clubs. If there is moisture, debris, or dirt on them, clean your golf clubs immediately. You can follow our guide loosely if you wish to clean your golf clubs: How To Clean Golf Clubs? – Easiest Home Method.

Furthermore, unless you want to be constantly wiping down your golf clubs, avoid playing golf rounds when it is raining outside. Water will get onto your golf clubs, and there is no way you can constantly keep them dry.

If you do not want your golf clubs to rust, you must take care of them accordingly. Giving your golf clubs proper care means you will not have to spend time and money removing rust from them!


There you go! You now know the easiest method to clean rust off your golf clubs! Follow the tips in this article, and your golf clubs will be looking brand new in no time!

Remember to periodically check the condition of your golf clubs in their storage location to make sure they are not moist, or even worse, rusting!

Always keep your golf clubs dry & clean, and they will never rust ever again.

Have you ever run into issues when removing rust off your clubs? Let us know in the comments down below!

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