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How to Carry a Golf Bag? – Best Carrying Technique

Correct Golf Carrying Technique for 2-Strap Golf Bags
Correct Golf Carrying Technique for 2-Strap Golf Bags
Correct Golf Carrying Technique for 2-Strap Golf Bags

With the large amount of golf clubs, balls, accessories, hydration, and more in your golf bag, you can start to be quite burdened. With how heavy golf bags can get, it is important to learn how to carry a golf bag. With incorrect technique, you can injure yourself, or tire yourself over the day.

Without the correct golf bag carrying technique, you will fatigue yourself, injure yourself, and destroy your long-term health and posture. Read the tips below carefully to be able to play golf pain-free as long as possible.

How to Carry a Golf Bag?

Read the steps down below in order to understand the optimal golf bag carrying technique.

When you are finished reading the tips, you should feel like the weight of your golf bag is as evenly distributed across your body as possible. Furthermore, you should not experience back or shoulder pain when using your golf bag.

If you experience pain, stop using the golf bag, or reduce its weight. In addition, you can see a doctor, or read our golf bag carrying hack near the end of the article.

Step 1: Adjust your golf bag straps to the right length

This step will take a lot of trial and error. Before trying different golf bag strap lengths, make sure both straps are the same length. If your golf bag only has one strap, you should switch to a 2-strap golf bag to alleviate unilateral pressure and strain on your body.

A 2-strap golf bag is much healthier to carry, and should not cause you physical pain, unlike a single strap golf bag.

If you are using a single strap golf bag despite our advice, simply put your arm under the strap and let the strap rest on your dominant shoulder, or whichever shoulder feels more comfortable.

If you are using a 2-strap golf bag, start with one strap and put it on the shoulder designed for that strap. Next, while the weight of the golf bag is resting on the first shoulder, pull the second strap of the bag with your unloaded arm.

Let the second strap rest on your second shoulder so that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed across both shoulders.

While you adjust the golf bag straps, you should have your bag empty to make it an easier process that requires less physical effort.

Step 2: Put your golf bag on like a backpack (2 straps)

Now that your golf bag straps are of the right length, you can reload your golf bag with your equipment, including clubs, balls, hydration, and more.

To put on your adjusted 2-strap golf bag, take the first strap, and put one arm into the loop, then let the weight of the bag rest on the shoulder of that arm.

Now that the weight of your back is resting on one shoulder, pull the second golf strap towards your next shoulder. Let the second strap rest on your second shoulder.

The weight of your golf bag should now be distributed over both of your shoulders. This is the best way to carry your golf bag off the ground. This will limit your risk of injury, and maximize your comfort.

Step 3: Verify your posture

With bad posture, for example, if you are hunched over, you will definitely increase your chances of pain and injury. Instead of a terrible hunched over posture, you should keep your back straight vertically, and pull your shoulder blades back.

With this tall posture, you will put more effort on your muscles instead of your joints and spine. This will contribute to save your long term health. Furthermore, carrying your golf bag will second as a workout, instead of serving as a spine-wrecking session.

GOLF BAG CARRYING HACK: Buy a golf bag with wheels

How easy would life be on your back if you had a golf bag with wheels? You would virtually never need to carry your golf bag ever again! With the right wheels, a wheeled golf bag can become a major comfort upgrade in your golf playing.

Look for a golf bag with big enough wheels that look sturdy and durable. The last thing you want after buying a wheeled golf bag is for it to break. In addition, you do not want the wheels to be so small that they cannot clear obstacles on a golf course.

Jaffick Wheeled Golf Bag

A great wheeled golf bag we recommend is the Jaffick Wheeled Golf Bag. It is a 5-way golf bag that features wheels, a push-button handle, loads of storage, and even closes around the top of your club heads when you need to travel. The Jaffick Wheeled Golf Bag currently has a 4.1 rating out of 5 stars on Amazon.


There you go! You now know the best, most optimal way to carry a golf bag, and in the process, save your back! Make sure you use a golf bag with 2 straps, and to distribute the weight of your golf bag across your entire body. You do not want to get lingering pain from something as mundane as carrying a golf bag!

In addition, to completely eliminate the risks of pain or injury, as well as physical effort related to bag carrying, you can purchase a wheeled golf bag like the Jaffick Wheeled Golf Bag!

Take these tips to heart and you will be able to play golf for longer hours, and maybe even try a 36-hole, 54-hole, or 72-hole golf course!

What do you like most about golf? Let us know in the comments down below!

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