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How Much Does Golf Club Fitting Cost? – Explained!

measuring tape in hand golf club fitting
measuring tape in hand golf club fitting

Whether you are extremely tall, short, or simply looking to optimize your set of golf clubs, you may want to look into golf club fitting.

Therefore, you may wonder: how much does golf club fitting cost?

In this article, we will tell you exactly how much golf club fitting costs.

How Much Does Golf Club Fitting Cost?

On average, golf club fitting costs around 300$ for a full bag of golf clubs. Getting an individual golf club fitted costs, on average, somewhere in the range of 10$-175$. You should save some money by getting an entire bag of clubs fitted rather than individual clubs.

Golf club fitting prices vary depending on a few factors. These factors that influence fitting price include how many clubs you are fitting and the fitter’s brand.

Number Of Golf Clubs Fitted

To illustrate this point, when visiting a fitter, you can choose to have individual golf clubs fitted, or to have an entire bag of clubs fitted.

Fitting an entire bag of golf clubs will obviously cost more than fitting a single golf club. However, the interesting thing to note is that fitting your entire golf bag at once will cost less than fitting each of your individual golf clubs at different times.

Fitting Company Brands

Another important factor to mention is that the price of golf club fitting depends on the fitting brand you are employing. There are many brands out there that offer golf club fitting, and their prices vary significantly from one to another.

For example, a fitting company like Club Champion asks for 400$ to have an entire golf bag fitted. If you exclude the putter, they ask for 325$ for the otherwise full bag.

For individual golf clubs, Club Champion charges 175$ for the driver, 175$ for irons, 125$ for fairway woods or hybrids, 100$ for a putter, and 100$ for wedges.

Other companies, such as Golf Galaxy, will include club fitting for free if you buy your golf clubs from them. This practice is quite common in the fitting industry, as the pro shops and companies earn more from selling clubs than fitting in itself.

By offering a free fitting, fitting companies can sell up to 14 golf clubs at once. That is a large order value, and it is why it makes sense for these companies to offer free fittings.

Providing great service through golf club fitting also incentivises customers to come back to the same store. Thus, golf club fitting is a great way to deepen the relationship between the customer and the fitting brand, resulting in brand loyalty. This is also why free fittings are offered.

Another known fitting company is Golfsmith, who used to charge 300$ for fitting a full bag of clubs, but they are now defunct since 2016. Golfsmith had to close after filling for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Average Fitting Costs

Based on gathered statistics for golf club fitting prices, the average price to fit an entire bag of clubs is 300$, whereas the average for an individual club is 75$.

If you were to fit an entire bag of clubs rather than 14 golf clubs individually, you would save (14×75$) – 300$ = 750$, on average.

On the golf fitting market, the price of fitting an entire bag of golf clubs typically ranges from 100$ to 450$.

On the golf fitting market, the price of fitting an individual golf club typically ranges from 10$ to 225$.

Different types of individual golf clubs can also have different fitting costs, depending on the fitting company. For example, it can cost 40$ to fit a driver, 60$ to fit an iron, but only 30$ to fit a putter.

A very important point to note is that the cost of golf club fitting only covers the customization of your golf clubs. This means you will need to pay the price of the golf clubs themselves on top of the fitting price.

What Is Golf Club Fitting?

Golf club fitting is the process during which fitting professionals measure you and analyze your technique to give you optimal recommendations when it comes to the parameters of your golf clubs. These parameters include shaft length, club lie, grip type, and much more.

Golf club fitting is an interesting process you can hire professional fitters for which can give you an edge in your golf game. These professional fitters know everything there is to know about golf clubs, and they should be able to identify the best golf clubs for you.

In brief, golf club fitting is the process in which fitters measure parts of your body, let you test out different clubs, and analyze your technique to hook you up with custom clubs that complement you the best.

Fitters will measure distances like your height, your wrist-to-turf distance, hand length, the length of your longest finger, and more. After measurements, fitters will typically analyze your golf swings and make tweaks to the shaft length you use.

You will then use a lie board to determine your ideal club lie and will receive a recommendation for your grip size based on your hand size.

During the process of golf club fitting, which can last anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, fitters will help you choose the best clubs for your style. The best golf club for Tiger Woods may not be a good golf club for you at all, which gives relevance to golf club fitting.

During a golf club fitting process, you can choose to have an entire bag of golf clubs fitted, or to only have certain individual clubs fitted. You can get a good decent deal on fitting if you get a whole bag fitted. Fitting can also be free if you purchase your golf clubs from the fitter.

Golf club fitting is typically only done by intermediate to advanced golf players trying to get that extra edge of performance from their equipment.

However, very tall or short players also consider golf club fitting because stock equipment is typically far away from what they need in terms of shaft length, lie angle, and more. Bluntly put, stock golf clubs are usually designed for average-sized people, as they are the mass market.

What Is The Golf Club Fitting Process?

The golf club fitting process is typically divided in 5 steps: 1) an interview with you to identify your needs; 2) taking measurements and testing various clubs; 3) your fitter gives you a recommendation for your ideal golf clubs; 4) your custom golf clubs are built; 5) your custom clubs are shipped to you.

The golf club fitting process is divided in 5 main steps:

1) Interview/Blueprint
2) Measurement taking and club testing
3) Recommendations
4) Custom golf club build
5) Custom golf club shipping

In the first step of golf club fitting, you will go to the physical location where the fitting company is based. Once arrived, the professional fitter will ask you various questions about your needs, your goals, and why you are seeking club fitting.

The fitter will also take a look at your current set of golf clubs to see what you are used to playing with. The fitter will attempt to make connections between your current equipment and the parts of your game you are struggling with.

You will also take some golf shots with your current equipment to give the fitter an idea of your current level.

In step 2 of golf club fitting, the fitter will take some measurements of your body, such as height, floor-to-turf distance, your hand size, and the length of your longest finger.

The fitter will then attempt to improve your golf game almost instantly by letting you test different clubs they think would be better suited to you than your current ones. If you have never been fitted before, the fitter may drastically change your performance quickly.

You will receive golf clubs that are either longer or shorter than what you are used to, and you may notice a certain club length that really clicks for you. After your ideal shaft length is determined, you will use a lie board to determine your ideal club lie.

This second step of the fitting process is also the time to test out different models of golf clubs you are interested in without having to buy them all. At the end of the testing phase, the fitter should be confident he can customize golf clubs around your objectives and aspirations.

During the third step of fitting, the fitter will issue you a recommendation on the ideal golf clubs for you. The fitter will include information such as ideal shaft length, shaft type, club lie, club weight, grip type, launch monitor metrics, and more.

If you like the recommendations, you can move to step 4. Step 4 of fitting consists in the fitter custom building golf clubs and assembling them to your exact specifications and optimal parameters.

To get the most out of your equipment, there are not many better things out there than fitting.

In the 5th and final step of golf club fitting, your custom built golf clubs are securely shipped to your door. You will finally be able to test out your custom fitted golf clubs and see the improvement you get.


There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered the average prices of golf club fitting for individual clubs and a full bag.

How much would you spend on golf club fitting? Do you think golf club fitting is worth the price? Let us know in the comments down below!

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