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How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh? – 9 Factors That Influence Weight

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In the great game of golf, it is customary to carry 14 golf clubs in your golf bag.

However, the weight of metallic or graphite golf clubs can certainly add up and become a burden for your back. This is especially true if you do not know how to properly carry your golf bag.

Therefore, to save your back health, you may wonder: how much do golf clubs weigh?

In this article, we will tell you exactly how much the different types of golf clubs weigh, as well as how much your entire, filled golf bag may weigh.

How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh?

On average, a golf club weighs around 0.94lbs. Club weights vary between 0.68lbs & 1.2lbs. A golf bag full of clubs can weigh between 18lbs & 35lbs, depending on the bag type, club types, and whether the bag is wet.

How much do golf clubs weigh? There are multiple factors that influence the weight of golf clubs, whether alone or in a bag.

Down below, you can see some of the factors that influence the weight of golf clubs.

9 Factors That Influence Golf Club Weight

Type of Golf Club

In golf, there are various types of golf clubs that you can choose from with which to fill up your golf bag. Each golf club has many different characteristics, but the main one is the type of club head used.

In fact, some club heads are larger than other club heads, or made of denser materials. This combination of golf club characteristics heavily impact the weight of a golf club.

These combinations of weight and materials allow every golf club to have different characteristics and situations in which they excel. These elements are the reason every golf club is useful to a knowledgeable golfer.

On average, a golf club weighs around 0.94lbs, across all types of golf clubs. However, some club types weigh a lot less than 0.94lbs, and others weigh a lot more.

For example, a golf driver tends to weigh between 0.68lbs & 0.82lbs, averaging out at 0.75lbs.

Furthermore, numbered golf clubs tend to be heavier as their number increases. For example, a 9-iron golf club is always heavier than a 4-iron golf club.

A numbered iron club tends to weigh between 0.88lbs & 0.95lbs, averaging out at 91.5lbs.

A numbered “wood” club tends to weigh between 0.73lbs & 0.89lbs, averaging out at 0.81lbs.

A sand wedge typically is very heavy for a golf club, weighing about 2.5lbs.

A putter typically weighs around 1.19lbs.

A full set of 14 golf clubs typically weighs around 10lbs to 15lbs, depending on the weight of the individual golf clubs you carry.

Down below, you can see a chart with average weights for different types of golf clubs.

Type of Golf ClubWeight (lbs)
Pitching Wedge1.05
Sand Wedge2.5
Gap Wedge1.04
Lob Wedge1.05
Weight of Different Types of Golf Clubs

Golf Shaft Material

In golf, there are 2 main types of golf shafts: steel & graphite golf shafts. The type of golf shaft you install your club head on will greatly modify the weight of the golf club.

Steel golf shafts are more durable & cheaper, but they are also heavier. Steel shafts give you control and durability.

On the other hand, graphite shafts are more expensive, but much lighter, and offer a premium feel. Graphite shafts weigh about half the weight of steel shafts, but that comes at the expense of durability; graphite shafts use less material in their construction to be lightweight, which weakens their structural integrity.

If you would like to reduce the weight of your golf clubs, install graphite shafts. However, please note that graphite shafts feel different from steel shafts, and could do you more harm than good.

Steel shafts typically weigh between 0.16lbs & 0.30lbs, whereas graphite shaft usually weigh between 0.06lbs & 0.10lbs.

Golf Shaft Length

It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that something bigger, or in our case, longer, will weigh more.

In this case, we are talking about golf shaft length. There are different lengths of golf shafts you can choose from, to accommodate both the type of club and your height.

A 45.5” steel golf shaft will obviously weigh more than a 43.5” steel golf shaft because it is more of the same material.

Golf Grip Weight

Golf clubs are made of 3 main parts: the club head, the golf shaft, and the golf grips.

Although small, golf grips can definitely add weight to your golf club.

Typically, a golf grips weighs between 0.07lbs and 0.20lbs, averaging out at 0.135lbs.

Golf Club Brand

Using your favorite golf brand may potentially be costing you some swing speed, and thus, carry distance.

In fact, some golf brands make heavier or lighter clubs than others in general, or some of their specific models weigh differently within a single brand.

Check the weight of the golf clubs you select before purchasing them if getting the lightest golf club possible is important for you.

Golf Club Target User Base

Each and every golf club is designed to fit well for a certain type of golfer or user. In fact, a golf club that is perfectly fitted for Tiger Woods may be a terrible golf club choice for you.

For example, there are golf clubs specially designed for women and children. Women’s and children’s golf club heads are sometimes heavier than men’s club heads to account for their tendency to be able to generate less power.

Therefore, who a golf club is designed for can impact the weight of the golf club. Keep this factor in mind when purchasing a golf club if you care about its weight.

Presence of Lead Tape

A lesser known trick by golfers is that you can add lead tape to your golf club head to increase the weight of your club. You will however need to add lots of lead tape for the weight gain to be noticeable. You can see a roll of lead tape down below:

If you do decide to add lead tape to your golf club, make sure you add enough, but do not ingest it. In addition, wear gloves while applying it.

Type of Golf Bag

The total weight of a golf bag filled with golf clubs will depend on the types of clubs you carry, but also on the top of golf bag you own.

There exist a few types of golf bags, including carry bags, cart bags, and staff bags.

Down below are average weights for these types of bags:

Type of Golf BagAverage Weight
Carry Bag3lbs
Cart Bag5lbs
Staff Bag10-20lbs
Weight of different types of golf bag types

A set of 14 golf clubs weighs around 10-15lbs, so you can add that weight to the weight of the type of golf bag you own to estimate how much your bag weighs.

Amount of Water

If it is raining significantly, there is a high chance that your golf bag is wet, drenched, soaked.

What you might not immediately think of is that a wet golf bag weighs more than a dry one because you need to carry the absorbed water as well.

In fact, the water absorbed by a golf bag’s fabric can add 2-5lbs of extra weight to carry.

For example, if your golf bag weighs 25lbs dry, with your golf clubs in it, it might weigh up to 30lbs if wet.

Over a full round of golf, carrying 5 extra pounds on your back can definitely tire you, reduce your performance, or even worse, cause potential injury.

Opting to play on days with good weather, using a golf cart or a golf bag with wheels are all options that will prevent injury from a wet, heavier back. If you are going to carry a wet bag anyways, at least learn How To Carry A Golf Bag Properly.


There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered the average weight of different types of golf clubs, of clubs in general, and of golf bags filled with clubs.

Do you care about the weight of your golf clubs, or do you push through like an ox? Let us know in the comments down below!

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