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Golf Horror Stories – Top 3 Worst Stories Told By Golfers

horror stories
horror stories

Golf is usually a relaxing sport…but sometimes, horror stories are created. You can be paired with some really disturbing people.

If you do not have a full group, the people you are paired with can really ruin your round of golf…or send chills down your spine.

In this article, we will tell you the tale of a few of the worst horror stories that happened to golfers, told by golfers.

Top 3 Worst Stories Told By Golfers

The stories written down below may be horror stories, but they are also true stories.

These golf horror stories have been lived by real people. They could happen to you just as they happened to them.

Read down below for some of the worst golf horror stories ever lived by golfers on golf courses.


#3: Bigfoot the Golf Instructor

One morning, Lars decided to go play golf at his local golf course, and was paired up with another solo player. We will call this other player Bigfoot.

Bigfoot was a middle aged man, and halfway through the first golf hole, his shoe exploded, and his foot came out of the shoe.

Looking down at his exploded shoe, Bigfoot smiled at Lars and told him he would play barefoot.

Bigfoot proceeded to fully take off both his shoes and socks, revealing his dirty feet and less than groomed toenails.

As the round of golf progressed, Bigfoot kept giving lars unsolicited golfing swing advice, while also smoking multiple cigarettes in a row.

Bigfoot was an odd fellow for sure, and quietly left the course at the end of the 18 holes. He was probably going to buy new shoes.

#2: The Professional Liar

One day, Jason decided to go have some fun playing a round of golf at the local golf course.

After arriving on site, Jason got paired up with 3 random male golfers who were all playing solo rounds. However, one of these golfers – we’ll call him John – was a real pain in the rear end.

On nearly every single golf hole, John just had to be annoying. Do not be like John.

You can read the summary down below of John’s actions on each hole:

1st hole: John completely forgoes golf etiquette and blasts the Joe Rogan podcast loudly from his phone located in his pocket. John claims that Joe Rogan is his God.

2nd hole: John hits a great approach shot that lands very close to the flag, so he stops everything to take a picture of his ball.

John does not repair the ball mark he created that is in the line of one of the other players.

Before putting his ball in, John pulls the flag out, hands it to Jason and says “Hold this”, as if Jason were his servant.

3rd hole: The group was hoping the cart girl would show up to bring some liquor, and John just has to mention that he once had a DUI. And that he blamed it on the cart girl. Stating she intentionally gave him too much liquor. Do not be like John.

4th hole: John snitches on himself to the group again by telling a story about one time he wanted to get fitting for new clubs.

John said he went to a PGA superstore because he lost his wallet and they had Apple Pay. John pointed out that he had an unlimited budget. After getting fitted, John went to check out and the Apple Pay failed, so John flicked the staff off and left.

5th hole: John tells the group about how he learned golfing, at a local private club and lied to the staff in order to be treated as a member and get free range balls.

Eventually, John caught got frauding his membership, but the employees let him keep using the range for free because of how hard he was working to get better at golf.

6th hole: Nothing notable.

7th hole: John tells the group he wants to enter pro-am golf tournaments, despite scoring badly since the beginning of the round.

8th hole: Nothing notable.

9th hole: John gets asked by the group if he is going to play 9 or 18 holes because the pro shop told the group John was only playing 9.

In typical John fashion, John replies that he only paid for 9 holes, but will play 18 holes, stating the staff will not notice.

As soon as the opportunity arose, Jason called staff to snitch on John.

10th hole: a staff member of the golf course comes to tell John that he needs to pay for 18 holes if he wants to keep playing.

John lies and says he thought the pro shop was busy so he thought he could play 18. The staff member made him pay for 18.

11th hole: John, despite being around a +6 at the moment, claims he is only at +1. John walks up to the tee box and tells the group in a serious tone “Let me show you all how it is done”.

John drives the golf ball completely to the left and into the rough, between fairways, nearly hitting some people.

John comes back to the group after throwing a mean look towards the people he almost hit, and says “I hope they say something to me so I can tell them to [get out of my face]”.

Holes 12 through 18: John becomes even worse at golf than he started the round as and his confidence wanes down.

John gets quieter as his score increases, and he leaves at the end of the 18 holes.

#1:   The Dead Crow Taxidermy Nerd

One morning, Mark wanted to go play a round of golf, but none of his friends were available.

Therefore, Mark went to play a round at the local golf course, and got paired up with another man called Jared.

Instantly, the two men hit it off and were enjoying good conversation while playing together.

It was a beautiful day, and Mark really got lucky to find such a cool guy to randomly be partnered with, until…

…until the 8th hole, where Jared shot a golf ball into the foliage.

Jared went to look for his golf ball, when suddenly, he exclaimed himself “WOW!!! A DEAD CROW!!!!!

Jared was absolutely ecstatic, and could hardly take his eyes off the dead bird he had just found by accident.

Jared quickly twitched his head around to look at Mark and asked him if he had a spare plastic bag (because everyone randomly carries a plastic bag, right?).

Mark did not have a bag, so Jared took off his brand new white golf hat, and put the dead crow inside of it.

With a smile that extended up to his ears, Jared stood back up and looked at Mark to graciously inform him that he had been learning taxidermy, and could not wait to practice with the dead crow.

Jared was not lying at all about his excitement because he did not even finish the round of golf, and left at the 10th hole, leaving Mark to play alone, dumbfounded, and a little bit freaked out.


These are some of the weirdest and eeriest golfing horror stories we have ever come across. Share them with your friends to make them laugh or creep them out!

If you have other golf horror stories you would like us to add to this list, drop a comment down below, or contact us through e-mail.

What kind of golf horror stories do you have? Let us know in the comments down below!

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