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Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes?

golf dress code
golf dress code

Golf is an awesome sport that so many people love, but it does come with some rules. Some rules you may think of could be related to a potential dress code.

Therefore, you may wonder: Do golf courses have dress codes?

In this article, we will tell you exactly whether golf courses have dress codes, and how to comply with those dress codes.

Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes?

Yes, the majority of golf courses impose a dress code with varying levels of strictness. Not abiding by the dress code can get you kicked out of golf courses after some warnings. Golf course dress codes follow a business casual style with collared shirts and subtle clothes.

Most golf courses enforce a dress code that must be followed if you do not wish to be warned to comply. After too many warnings, you may get kicked out of the golf course, resulting in a bad day.

To avoid getting kicked out of the golf course, make sure you know what the dress code is at your local golf course and follow it. You can call the golf course staff to learn about the dress code, ask in person, or consult the dress code online if there is a website.

Golf courses have dress codes in order to preserve the traditional elegance and classiness surrounding the image of golf. Some may argue that these elements are outdated, while others swear by the dress code.

Dress code or not, more and more players are showing up at golf courses tattooed, with colored hair, or with piercings. As the world changes and trends change, golf course dress codes experience a pressure to become more relaxed.

Can I Wear Metal Spikes On A Golf Course?

No. Most golf courses have been banning metal spikes for a long time because they rip out the turf. On the other hand, golf courses allow the use of soft, rubber spikes under golf shoes. You can also wear spikeless golf shoes.

Although some professional golfers wear metal spikes under their golf shoes, amateur players and hobbyists cannot have the same luxury. Metal spikes under golf shoes are banned on almost any golf course in the world. Professionals get an exemption during Tournaments.

Usually, you will have to wear either spikeless golf shoes, or golf shoes with soft rubber spikes. These two alternative options can definitely do the trick.

Make sure you get golf shoes in the right size.

Which Clothes Are Prohibited By Golf Course Dress Codes?

Golf course dress codes tend to prohibit any provocative, ostentatious, inelegant, and overly casual clothes. Dress codes tend to prohibit t-shirts, sandals, denim, athletic wear, yoga pants, cargo shorts, short shorts, dangling jewelry, mismatched socks, and more.

For most golf courses, dress codes stipulate that t-shirts are explicitly forbidden. Athletic general sports shirts also tend to be forbidden, especially if they are not collared.

Furthermore, women must wear modest tops that do not expose cleavage, nor look indecent or provocative.

In addition, yoga pants are generally not allowed for golf courses with dress codes imposed. Jeans, cargo shorts, sweatpants, or fitness clothing are also generally forbidden by dress codes. Shorts that rise above the knee are also sometimes prohibited.

When it comes to outerwear, hoodies, denim jackets, and all similar tops tend to be outlawed by dress codes.

In terms of footwear, sandals and street shoes are often forbidden by golf course dress codes. On top of open shoes being less safe than closed shoes, they do not look too elegant and will harm your golf game.

In terms of jewelry, avoid any overly ostentatious, dangling jewelry. Do not wear long necklaces, droopy bracelets or big earrings. On top of not being casual or elegant enough for certain dress codes, these can get caught up during your swings and potentially hurt you.

If you have piercings, make sure they do not impede your ability to play, and do not feature inappropriate depictions.

Very particular golf courses will prohibit players from wearing different colored socks.

How To Pass Golf Course Dress Code Checks?

To pass golf course dress code checks, dress in a business casual style. Wear a collared shirt paired with chinos, khakis, knee-length shorts, or skirts. Wear clean golf specific shoes with socks that match the color of your outfit. In colder weather, wear a windbreak or light jacket.

To abide by golf course dress codes, you can dress with a business casual style. On the golf course, dress codes aim to avoid exuberant displays of wealth. Dress classy.

Collared shirts paired with khakis, chinos, or similar pants will almost always get you through dress code checks. Women also need to wear some form of a collared shirt that is decent, presentable and non-provocative.

Collared shirts are generally a must in most golf dress codes. However, you do see some rare exceptions sometimes, like when Tiger Woods wore a mock shirt.

Shirts both with or without sleeves are generally accepted, as long as they are classy.

Typically, you need to wear classy looking pants or knee-length shorts or skirts. However, it will depend on the dress code of your local golf course. Higher rising shorts & skirts can be acceptable.

Women can wear long trousers, formal shorts, culottes, skirts, or capris.

Some golf course dress codes will require that you tuck your shirt inside of your trousers or bottoms.

For colder weather, you can wear sweaters, windbreakers, light jackets and vests to keep warm while following the dress code.

On your head, you can, and probably should wear a golf hat on your head. They are inexpensive and will protect your eyes, as well as help you not get deconcentrated by the sun.

In terms of shoes, some dress codes will force you to wear golf shoes, whether with soft rubber spikes, or spikeless. Make sure the golf shoes are not too big, just right, so that they do not look like clown shoes.

When it comes to your socks, wear socks without provocative graphics and make sure they are the same color. Some golf courses will require that your sock color matches your outfit color.


There you go! After reading this article, you have learned that many golf courses have dress codes, with some being stricter than others.

You also discovered ways to comply with dress codes and read about outfits that should get you through any dress code check.

Do you mind dress codes? Let us know in the comments down below!

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