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12 Coolest PGA Golfer Tattoos

tattoo gun golf
tattoo gun golf

Despite the bad rep tattoos have sometimes in the golf world, shrouded in a sense of elegance, certain PGA Tour players still decide to expose their tattoos.

Is it allowed to have tattoos in the PGA Tour? Apparently so, and the players mentioned in this list sure are glad for it.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the coolest golf tattoos on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

12. Coolest PGA Golfer Tattoos

PGA and LPGA golfers are humans just like the rest of us, and a percentage of humans like to ink their bodies with some tattoos.

Down below are some the coolest PGA and LPGA Tour Golfer tattoos. Some are big, some are more subtle. Some hold deep meanings, while others are the result of a badly thought decision.

Despite golf purists being against golfers having tattoos, there are some notable names who do have tattoos. These notable names include, but are not limited to:

D.J. Trahan
Matt Stieger
Matt Every
Justin Thomas
Max Homa
Rory Sabbatini
Rickie Fowler
Danny Willett
Tyler McCumber
Bubba Watson
Lydia Ko
Carly Booth
Mel Reid
Seve Ballasteros
James Nitties
Francesco Molinari

Down below is the list of the coolest golfer tattoos out there.

1. Carly Booth Shakespeare Quote

Image Credit: Daily Mail/Williams+Hirakawa

Carly Booth is no stranger to controversy, as she exposed her body fully naked during a photoshoot for a sports magazine while she was barely past college age.

She has multiple tattoos on her body. The tattoo on her side is a Shakespeare quote: “It’s not in the stars that we hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”

2. Seve Ballasteros Golfer Tattoo After Win

Embed from Getty Images

After his win at the 1984 British Open, Seve Ballasteros wanted nothing more than to celebrate. To celebrate his victory, he tattooed a golfer on his forearm, allowing him to remind himself daily that he is a PGA Tour winner.

How many people can say the same?

3. Rickie Fowler Olympic Rings

fowler olympic rings tattoo
Image Credit: Sam Dorman (Twitter)

After competing in the Olympic Games in the golf events in 2016, Rickie Fowler decided to celebrate the accomplishment by inking his arm with the Olympic Rings.

He got a matching tattoo with Sam Dorman, an American Olympic diver.

4. Lydia Ko Roman Numerals Date of First Professional Golf Win

lydia ko tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest

After her very first professional golf win, Lydia Ko decided to immortalize the moment with a tattoo.

Her tattoo depicts the date of her first professional golf win, in Roman numerals. Needless to say, she will never forget that day.

5. Rickie Fowler Name of his Grandfather in Japanese Text

rickie fowler tattoo
Image Credit: Rickie Fowler (Instagram)

Rickie Fowler has a tattoo on his arm with Japanese symbols, which may surprise you. However, Rickie Fowler’s grandfather is Japanese, and his tattoo is his grandfather’s name.

Rickie Fowler’s grandfather’s name is Yutaka Tanaka.

6. Bubba Watson 10 Year Anniversary with Wife Angie

angie bubba watson tattoo
Image Credit: Jason Sobel (Twitter)

After 10 strong years of marriage with his wife Angie, Bubba Watson got a tattoo of her name on his finger.

The legend says that the tattoo only cost 60 bucks, and it was performed by someone who had no idea who Bubba Watson even was!

7. Carly Booth Leg Tattoo

carly booth leg tattoo
Image Credit: Carly Booth (Instagram)

Carly Booth comes in for a second time on our list with yet another tattoo.

This second tattoo is located on the back of her thigh. It translates to: “Live Your Life Without Fear”.

8. Mick Doran Star Tattoos

Embed from Getty Images

These tattoos on PGA caddie Mick Doran’s leg depicts some tattoos, two of which are full, and one is but an outline.

9. Francesco Molinari Chinese Tiger Symbol

Francesco Molinari’s tattoo is an oriental symbol that means “Tiger”. He once admitted that this tattoo once was the result of being young and not thinking things through before getting inked.

10. Rory Sabbatini Tri-Shape

Embed from Getty Images

Rori Sabbatini’s tattoo is an interesting tri-shape.

11. Tyler McCumber Arm Tattoos

Embed from Getty Images

Tyler McCumber is known to have what might be the closest thing to a tattoo sleeve in the PGA Tour. You can check it out on the image above.

12. Matt Every Live Forever Phrase

matt every live forever tattoo
Image Credit: Bunkered

Matt Every’s tattoo simply depicts the phrase “Live Forever”. Despite being short, it has an impactful and desirable meaning for many!

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There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered some of the coolest tattoos from the PGA and LPGA Tours.

This list proves that it is possible to have tattoos on a golf course, and still be respected, despite what old golf traditions may think of them.

Maybe you have a new favorite golf player after going through this list, if tattoos are important for you.

What is your favorite tattoo on this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

Note: If you own one of the images included, and would like it removed, please contact us in the comments or by e-mail in the Contact Us tab.

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