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17 Best Mother’s Day Golf Gifts – Make Mom Happy

mother's day golf gifts
mother's day golf gifts

Mother’s Day is the day on which we all celebrate the woman we love most – our mother. She helped raise us into the people we are today, and offering her a gift would be a great show of appreciation.

If your mom loves golf, or your family loves golf in general, then you might want to buy your mother a golf-related Mother’s Day gift!

In this list, we will help you find some of the best possible Mother’s Day Golf Gifts for your mom!

17 Best Mother’s Day Golf Gifts

Down below are the best Mother’s Day Golf Gifts you can find online currently.

Some of these gifts are useful, others funny, and some cute! You will be sure to find something your mom will love in this list!

#17 Crappy Golf Balls For A Crappy Golfer

This Mother’s Day gift is more of a prank gift. Crappy Golf Balls for a Crappy Golfer is a bag of dirty, used golf balls you can give your mom to make her laugh.

This bag of balls features hilarious packaging that will be sure to throw your mom off. This crazily sarcastic gift is a sure-fire way to surprise your mother and give everyone a large smile up to their ears.

These balls are probably no longer good, and are randomly chosen across multiple brands. This could be a great “first” prank gift you give your mother, right before giving her a real gift. You can also choose the real gift from this list.

#16 Golf Goddess Score Counter Jewelry

The Golf Goddess Score Counter Jewelry might just be the best gift you could ever give a golf mom.

In fact, this jewelry combines style and utility, as the beads on the bracelets can be moved around to keep track of your golf score. The beads will stay on the position on the bracelet that you move them to!

This piece of jewelry actually looks really nice and shiny, and it will help your mom both look beautiful and not forget her score. This bracelet can totally be worn outside of a golf setting as well.

This bracelet will fit most wrist sizes and sits comfortably on your arm. Mom will definitely love this gift!

#15 Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is a great utility gift your mother will love, especially if she loses golf balls all the time!

This retriever will also be very helpful to your mother if she has a bad back, and bending over to pick up balls is painful. She will be able to use this retriever to pick up golf balls without bending over, saving her lots of pain.

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever can be used to pick up balls in the turf, water, sand, and more. This gift even comes with a head cover, which will make your mother feel like it is high quality.

#14 Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart

The Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart is a great utility gift that will let save your beloved mother lots of effort. She will be able to place her golf bag on top of this speed cart and easily push it thanks to the wheels on the speed cart.

With golf bags being able to reach weights of 35lbs, buying your mom the Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart will make her infinitely grateful towards you.

This speed cart is extremely high quality, will help your mom easily get around a golf course, and it even features a bottle holder to keep her hydrated!

#13 “Always Wash Your Balls” Mug

This “Always Wash Your Balls” Mug obviously features a great play on words sure to make anyone laugh, including your mother.

This mug will be a great gift to let your mom laugh every morning when she drinks tea or coffee!

On top of being hilarious, you can customize this mug and add any name below its graphics!

The “Always Wash Your Balls” Mug actually comes with a lifetime guarantee!

#12 Golf Ball Shaped Liquor Glass

golf ball liquor glass

The Golf Ball Shaped Liquor Glass is a great gift to buy your mother if she likes both liquor and golf.

This stylish glass comes in a set of 2, meaning both your mom and her partner can benefit from it! Alternatively, you might want to share a glass with her to celebrate Mother’s Day!

The Golf Ball Shaped Liquor Glass will be appreciated by any golf lover, whether they drink or not.

#11 “I’d Rather Be Golfing” Socks

Does your mom love golf, but she often has to work, do the laundry, pay bills, and more instead? Then your mother will LOVE this gift!

With these “I’d rather be golfing” socks, you can bring your mom’s thoughts onto her clothes!

These funny socks will bring a sarcastic little smile to your mom’s face every time she looks at or puts them on!

#10 Number 1 MOM Golf Balls

These Number One MOM Golf Balls will fill your mother with love for her kids whenever she sees them!

These are a simple, inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift to let your mother know you think of and appreciate her.

Your mom can either play with these golf balls, or display them in her home or office to smile whenever she passes by them!

#9 Best MOM by par Divot Tool

The Best MOM by par Divot Tool will help your mom stay happy while repairing those pesky divots!

This divot tool has a wooden engraved part that serves as a magnetic ball marker, on top of being a divot tool!

This gift will help your mom on the golf course, and also let her remember you love her.

#8 Wife Mom Golfing Legend T-Shirt

This shirt offers a fun little graphic presenting your own mom as a golfing legend.

Even if she is not good at golf, this can make people laugh and lighten everyone’s mood.

#7 Putt Now Wine Later Tumbler

The Putt Now Wine Later Tumbler is a funny message to have on a tumbler that your mother can likely relate to.

This product as a gift is both funny and useful, as it can contain a nice drink.

It comes both in 12 ounce and 20 ounce sizes.

#6 World’s Okayest Golfer Tumbler

The World’s Okayest Golfer Tumbler is a funny drink recipient that can make your mom chuckle, on top of being useful.

This tumbler has a 20 ounce capacity, is made of durable stainless steel, and it is sweat proof!

Your mom is sure to appreciate such a useful gift that can be used everywhere she goes.

#5 Best MOM by par T-Shirt

The Best MOM by par T-Shirt is sure to make your mom smile for days.

This T-Shirt comes in 10 colors, so you will be sure to find one she loves.

She will be able to wear this shirt all the time to remember how much you care about her!

#4 Personalized Name-Tagged Golf Tees

Buying your mother Personalized Name-Tagged Golf Tees might be one of the most creative gifts you can give her for Mother’s Day.

Mothers often love to have their things customized, and putting her name on golf tees can be sure to pleasantly surprise her!

This is a gift your mother will actually use for sure!

#3 “Did I Read That Right?” Titleist-Style Hat

The “Did I Read That Right” Titleist-Style Golf Hat obviously does not say Titleist, which is exactly why it is such a fun gift!

Your mother will love to see this subtle trick, and wear it proudly!

Seeing how many people will actually notice it does not read Titleist can be a very fun game!

#2 Best Mom by par Embroidered Towels

The Best Mom by par Embroidered Towels are a great gift for any mother who loves golf.

The towels will actually be displayed throughout the house, and serve a real use, while letting your mom lovingly remind herself that she matters to you.

Your mom will love towels like these that paint her in a good light.

#1 Golf-Themed Flavored Coffee Bags

The Golf-Themed Flavored Coffee Bags are simply such an amazing and unique Mother’s Day gift to give your golf-loving mom.

This set of golf-themed Sillybean coffee comes with 5 cutely-packaged bags of fresh-roasted Arabica Coffee. Each pack of coffee has a different flavor named funnily, like “Kiss My Putt”, “Par Tee Time”, “Best by Par” and “Talk Birdie To Me”.

These coffee bags are vacuum-packed in order to ensure freshness. Each pouch of coffee is 1.5 ounces that makes 8-10 cups of coffee. The entire set of pouches thus can make 40-50 cups of coffee.

This Mother’s Day gift will be thoughtful for your mom, and also taste good!


There you go! After going through this list, you are sure to have found 2 or 3 golf gifts your mom will love for Mother’s Day!

Go ahead and grab that gift for your mother to make her extra happy on her special day!

What is your favorite Mother’s Day gift on this list? What is your all-time favorite Mother’s Day gift that you bought for a mom? Let us know in the comments down below!

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