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5 Best Inspirational Golf Songs – Raise Your Spirits!

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Golf is a great game, but a couple missed shots and your mood can really go down in the dumps.

Fortunately, your mood and motivation do not have to stay low for long, because you can use the power of inspiration music to raise you up. Shockingly, there are not that many inspirational golf songs out there on streaming platforms like Spotify.

In this article, we will open your awareness to 5 of the best inspirational golf songs out there on streaming platforms. Hopefully, these inspirational golf songs will drastically raise your spirits and lower your handicap!

5 Best Inspirational Golf Songs

Down below are some of the 5 best most inspirational golf songs we came across the various existing music streaming platforms.

Some of these songs are more suited to newer generations, while some will make old timers more nostalgic. There should be at least one song in this list that can inspire any golf lover.

Open your mind to every music style, and you might find your next anthem.

#5 Tiger Hoods – Tiger Hoods 903

Yes, you read that right. After Tiger Woods, we have Tiger Hoods. This is a rap song that has a better chance of resonating with new age golfers, but older golfers with an open mind can find great inspiration in this song.

Tiger Hoods 903 is a Texan musician who plays golf passionately, which is the reason why he is capable of making so many references to golf in his songs.

This song in particular, Tiger Hoods, has Tiger Hoods 903 putting himself in the skin of Tiger Woods. This song talks about being a professional golfer doing everything possible to leave his mark on professional golf.

The song Tiger Hoods is inspirational in the messages and actions it mentions with an upbeat groove. Especially if you like rap and love golf, this song will be on your speakers all the time.

Notable excerpt of lyrics:
“I’m Tiger Hoods, the Golf Pro.
It’s time for me, to steal the show.
On the low, I want the smoke
I got the game, in a choke!
It’s time to leave my mark, it’s time to leave a stain!”

Spotify Link: Tiger Hoods – Tiger Hoods 903

#4 Golfing – GasfortheBrain

Golfing by GasfortheBrain is also a rap song, and it features a very catchy chorus that repeats “I’m golfing”. Again, newer generations of golfers are very likely to enjoy this song, but older golfers could also enjoy it if they have an open mind.

This song talks about hole in ones, golfing, and being successful. The themes and the groove of the song are enough to give you an extra oomph of swagger and inspiration when you need it.

However, beware that this song has some vulgarity in it, so it may not be suited for younger audiences.

As of 2022, GasfortheBrain is a relatively unknown artist, but he definitely deserves a listen.

Notable excerpt of lyrics:
“’Cuz I’m golfing, no need to hurry up
‘Cuz I’m golfing, ‘cuz I’m golfing
Makin’ all this bread
And I spend it like it’s nothing”

Spotify Link: Golfing – GasfortheBrain

#3 Golf Kart – Tiger Hoods 903

#3 on this list of golf songs features Tiger Hoods 903 once again; he really is a talented fellow. His rap skills stand out despite being relatively unknown, as his flow is incredibly smooth and fast.

This song is an inspirational pleasure to listen to if you like rap music. If you do not like rap music, you might still enjoy it if you give it a try.

This song can easily pump you up to hit the golf course as it is filled with many golf references; it is quite literally called golf cart, with k instead of the c.

Notable excerpt of lyrics:
“Ridin’ in the golf cart
Wheel push start
It ain’t about the dog
But the size of the heart”

Spotify Link: Golf Kart – Tiger Hoods 903

#2 Straight Down The Middle

If you do not like rap golf songs, fear not, we have you covered as well. The final 2 songs on our list, including Straight Down The Middle by Bing Cosby, have nothing to do with rap.

Straight Down The Middle is a vintage sounding song that features a deep, smooth voice. This song is known by quite a lot of older golfers and can give some of them some pleasant nostalgia.

Straight Down The Middle is a great song for visualizing your success as a golfer, on top of being catchy and a great, feel good tune. This song talks about your golf ball always going…straight down the middle of the fairway, as you would want.

In fact, this song hammers down the fact that the ball went so far away that nobody ever found it again. Just ignore the line about the ball slicing a bit near the end of the trajectory.

Listen to this song daily, and your mind will assume you can always shoot the golf ball straight down the middle every time.

Notable excerpt of lyrics:
“It went straight down the middle…
Where it wound up is a riddle…
But it went straight down the middle…
Far awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”

Spotify Link: Straight Down The Middle – Bing Cosby

#1 Hit It Hard – John Daly

Yes, this song is by legendary PGA golfer, John Daly. He actually has two full albums out as of 2022, and they are actually good.

Hit It Hard by John Daly features a strong, hard-hitting chorus that is truly possibly the most inspirational golf chorus ever.

In this song, John Daly also talks about some of his life struggles, which include having to battle cancer, as well as working to overcome every challenge.

Notable excerpt of lyrics:
“I hit it hard man! (hard)
So far man! (far)
No layin’ up , no holdin’ back!
Ain’t afraid of nothin’, it’s a natural fact!
I hit it long man! (long)
‘Til it’s gone man! (gone)
Keep takin’ chances, livin’ large
I hit, hit, hit it hard!”

Spotify Link: Hit It Hard – John Daly

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There you go! After reading this article, you have discovered some of the best, most inspirational golf-themed songs there currently are across the various existing streaming platforms.

Use these songs to energize you, motivating you to workout and push through a string of bad shots! Use the power of music to train your mind to think positively! Feel and envision your success!

What golf themed song or song in general really improves your mood and inspires you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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