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33 Best Golf Songs Of All Time

boombox golf songs music
boombox golf songs music

Music pervades the modern world since the popularization of speakers and handheld devices. Music also has a strong effect on our moods and how we perceive the world.

When we play golf, it can be pleasant to have golf-themed songs to listen to in order to really get in the mood. However, golf-themed songs are surprisingly rare. Therefore, you may wonder: what are the best golf songs of all time?

In this article, we will share with you a long list of some of the best golf themed songs of all time, past and modern. There are songs from various different genres on this list.

33 Best Golf Songs Of All Time

Down below are some of the best golf songs of all time, coming from multiple different genres, in no particular order. Add these to your playlists to get your golf groove going on!

1. Golf Boys 2.Oh – Golf Boys

Music genre: Comedy

Golf Boys 2.Oh is an incredibly funny and out-there song sang by…professional golfers. In this song, PGA Tour star Bubba Watson and his friends Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, and Hunter Mahan join forces to deliver loads of hilarious golf references.

Although the musical ability is not the best, this song has to make you smile if you listen close to the lyrics. It is crazy that professional golfers got together to deliver us this sweet delicacy to our ears.

2. Shitty Golfer – Toby Keith

Music genre: Country, Comedy

Shitty Golfer by Toby Keith is another very funny song, but it has better musical ability than the previous entry on this list.

You probably guessed it…but this song talks about being a terrible golfer, and it sounds awesome. If you and your friends are bad golfers, and proud of it, or love to laugh about it, this song is your new anthem!

3. Golf (The Greatest Game of All) – Fergal Flaherty

Music genre: Vintage, Swing, Vocal Jazz

Golf by Fergal Flaherty is a really good and relaxing vintage style acoustic song. The smooth vocals, couple with a beautiful hook, deliver the message that people love golf, and that it is the greatest game of all. Yep, golfers who love golf will LOVE this song.

In addition, the upbeat melody makes this song an absolute pleasure to listen to, especially when the chorus hits. Golfers of all ages will jam to this song for ages.

4. Golf Song – Missed Opportunities

Music genre: Rock

While it is initially unclear how this Golf Song by Missed Opportunities is related to golf in any way other than its title, it is still a catchy rock song you may like.

This song talks about our demons, bad thoughts, and shadows crawling up towards you, and how we run away. This song sounds good and very energetic with the electric guitar. If you like catchy rock songs, this could be one you enjoy.

5. Love the One You Whiff – Jake Trout & The Flounders

Music genre: Choral, Upbeat

Love the One You Whiff is a really relaxing song in a way, with its nice full vocals and choirs. The song talks about missing the golf ball after swinging, which is pretty funny.

The vocal stacks in this song are quite beautiful, and the general vibe of the song is upbeat, making it a potential staple in your golf music playlists.

6. Straight Down The Middle – Bing Cosby

Music genre: Vocal Jazz, Swing, Vintage

Straight Down The Middle is a legendary vintage sounding song that features a deep, smooth voice. This song is known by quite a lot of older golfers. Do not be surprised if some of them start tearing up due to nostalgia!

Straight Down The Middle is a great song for visualizing your success as a golfer, on top of being catchy, as well as a feel good tune. This song talks about your golf ball always going…straight down the middle of the fairway.

In fact, this song hammers down the fact that the ball went so far away that nobody ever found it again. Just ignore the line about the ball slicing a bit near the end of the trajectory, and into the rough.

Straight Down The Middle probably sounds good to golfers of all ages, making it a must listen, and a likely staple in your golf music parties.

7. Hit It Hard – John Daly

Music genre: Country rock, country pop, country

Yes, this song is performed by the legendary & casual PGA golfer, John Daly. Daly has two full albums out as of 2022, and they are actually good.

Hit It Hard by John Daly features a strong, hard-hitting chorus that is possibly the most inspirational golf chorus ever. You can blast this song and fire it up before a training session to get you pumped up!

In this song, John Daly also talks about some of his life struggles, which include having to battle cancer, as well as working to overcome every challenge thrown at him. Hit It Hard can push you past hard times, and help you reach your goals by motivating you.

8. Golf – Pete & Bas, Norman Pain

Music genre: UK drill, Hip-Hop, Grime, Rap

Golf by Pete & Bas, and Norman Pain, is a deep, gritty song that sounds like your grandfather rapping. Despite the old man voice, the rap flow is actually quite good, and the production is well balanced.

This song talks about starting from the bottom of poverty, and reaching success and riches through hard work. As the punchline of the song goes, “Now I’m chauffeured, only drive on the golfing course”.

9. Golf – Muni

Music genre: Lo-fi, Jazzhop, Instrumental

Golf by Muni is simply such a relaxing Lo-fi song that has a bit of a nostalgic exotic resort vibe to it. You can easily close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beachside golf course with your lover near you, just feeling the wind caress you gently…

Seriously, you could fall asleep to this song, as it is so soothing…Zzz

10. Golfi – Mora

Music genre: Lo-fi, Jazz, Instrumental

Golf + Lo-fi = Golfi. Get it? Mora is an Argentinian producer, and quite talented. This track is soothing, beautiful, and catchy with its jazzy tones. It is relaxation perfection, and also suited for a high end golf club lounge.

11. 3 Putt King – Chris Cates

Music genre: Upbeat

3 Putt King is a song about a golfer who consistently makes 3-putts, one of the banes of any newer golfer, and sometimes experienced golfers. Performing a 3-putt to finish a golf hole is not good, but it sure beats a 4-putt!

In this song, Chris Cates uses an upbeat tone to self-deprecate and have a good time despite not being the best golfer out there. You can listen to this song to lighten the mood after a bad round of golf and not take life too seriously!

12. golfday – Vubreeze

Music genre: Lo-fi, Instrumental

golfday by Vubreeze is such an incredibly vibey, dreamy lo-fi song that can instantly put you in a calm, relaxed mood. It feels good to listen to this song and nod your head to the snares and the flute notes…

If you like lo-fi, or like to listen to music that puts you in a serene mood, then golfday by Vubreeze is the song for you.

13. Golf – Associations

Music genre: Rock

Golf by Associations is a rocky genre song with a very passionate delivery. While it does not really explicitly talk about golf, it is catchy, and you may be able to give it your own golf meaning.

This song has a somewhat summer beach, dreamy and inspirational vibe to it, which you may like.

14. Sports et Divertissements: Le Golf – Erik Satie, Pascal Rogé

Music genre: Classical, Instrumental

This classical music song by famous French composer Erik Satie is quite beautiful and hectic. It barely spans over longer than half a minute, but it feels like you many events are unfolding before you in rapid succession as you listen to the track.

If you ever wondered what golf may sound like in classical music, this may be the track for you. It was composed in 1914. Erik Satie apparently believed that the game of golf was for mature men.

If you close your eyes while listening to this track, you can imagine many scenarios on the golf course unfold in your mind.

15. Khalifa Golf Club – Gigi Masin

Music genre: Ambient, Electronic, Instrumental

Khalifa Golf Club by Gigi Masin is a widely spacey song with many arpeggiators used. This song sounds somewhat electronic, and it is both cyclic and relaxing.

We would not be surprised if this song can help you focus by being used as study music, as the notes pulsate according to a fixed rhythm.

There are some beautiful little sound effects sprinkled here and there throughout this instrumental song.

16. Space Golf – Hen Ogledd

Music genre: Chamber Psych, Experimental

Space Golf by Hen Ogledd is definitely an odd song like you probably have never heard before. This song is very experimental and uses certain trance-like electronic instruments to make you feel like you are drifting through space, hence the title, Space Golf.

Space Golf features some nice harmonies in the chorus section. Although the first verse section does not feature the best singing in the world, the global concept of the song is too unique and funky to not include.

Space Golf talks about releasing your trapped emotions by shooting your bad emotions far into space, like you would drive a golf ball far down the fairway.

17. Golfing – GasfortheBrain

Music genre: Rap

Golfing by GasfortheBrain is a rap song, and it features a very catchy chorus that repeats “I’m golfing”. Again, newer generations of golfers are most likely to enjoy this song, but older golfers could also enjoy it if they have an open mind.

This song talks about hole in ones, golfing, and being successful. The themes and the groove of the song are enough to give you an extra oomph of swagger and inspiration when you need it.

However, beware that this song features some vulgarity, so it may not be suited for younger audiences.

As of 2022, GasfortheBrain is a relatively unknown artist, but he deserves a listen.

18. Golf – Monks

Music genre: Indie

Golf by Monks is an indie song that has a very echoey, wide open space vibe to it. The vocals echo throughout this big imaginary space that you imagine when you listen to this song.

This song is chilled out, and can be good for a relaxing, low energy night with friends.

19. Atypical – Golfers

Music genre: Instrumental

Atypical by Golfers is an instrumental song that simply has an exquisite groove to it. The artist group named Golfers is a group of musicians who are also fervent golf lovers.

This song will make your body move and dance to the rhythm of the music. This song is great for letting out energy and dancing the night away, or after a long day.

20. playing golf – $amaad

Music genre: Rap, Vapor Trap, Plugg

playing golf by $amaad is a rap song directed towards younger audiences. It is a deep voiced song that can help golfers connect with their dark persona to generate energy. Sometimes, it feels energizing to pretend you are a dark and powerful fantasy entity, like David Goggins.

However, beware that this song features some vulgarity, so it may not be suited for younger audiences.

21. Golfing – Arthur Sharpe

Music genre: Orchestral, Instrumental

Golfing by Arthur Sharpe is a beautiful orchestral instrumental track that make you feel like you are flying in the air above the magical golf greens, following the path of a perfectly shot golf ball.

If you close your eyes, you can imagine the greenest of turfs all around you, surrounding castles, lakes, and beautiful wildlife.

This song is short, but it will take you to the journey of a lifetime if you just close your eyes.

22. Hello – The Golf Club

Music genre: Indie Pop, R&B, Lo-Fi Rap, Hyperpop, Glitchcore

Hello by The Golf Club is such a groovy song that instantly puts you in a good mood. The lyrical depth is low, but who cares when the music sounds so upbeat?

However, beware that this song features some vulgarity, so it may not be suited for younger audiences.

Both the instrumental and the cadence of the vocals mesh together perfectly to force your head to nod energetically! This song is a summer jam.

23. Golf Girl – Caravan

Music genre: Art Rock, Experimental, Jazz fusion, Space rock, Psychedelic rock

Golf Girl by Caravan is a rather relaxing song that has a deep story to it. Golf Girl tells the tale of a love story between a golfer and the cart girl at a local golf course. The two of them fall in love and start doing activities together.

If you have a romantic penchant, then you will love this song as much as the cart girl and the golfer love each other.

24. Hole In One – Desaparecidos

Music genre: Indie Rock, Emo

Hole In One by Desaparecidos is a high energy rock song with distorted vocals and an abundance of electric guitars that can energize you when you need to shake out some excess energy.

Once you know the lyrics, you might even find yourself yelling to it like the artists do in the song sometimes.

25. Golf Kart – Tiger Hoods 903

Music genre: Rap

Tiger Hoods (note: this is not Tiger Woods) really is a talented fellow. His rap skills stand out despite being relatively unknown, as his flow is incredibly smooth and fast.

Golf Kart is an inspirational pleasure to listen to if you like rap music. If you do not like rap music, you might still enjoy it if you give it a try.

This song can easily pump you up to hit the golf course as it is filled with many golf references; it is quite literally called golf cart, with k instead of the c.

26. Golf Training – Wii Sports

Music genre: Vibe, Instrumental, Legendary

If you have not played Wii Sports, did you even have a childhood? That was a joke, but seriously, the Golf Training music from the hit game Wii Sports has impacted so many lives around the world, and it carries an air of nostalgia for those who played Wii Sports.

This song marked the childhood of many people who are aged 15 to 30, as of 2022. If you know it, does this song give you a nostalgic feeling, and make you want to go back to simpler times?

This music has such a simple and catchy loop pattern to it that it is hard to forget.

27. Garbage Golf – Douglas Holmquist

Music genre: Indie, Bitpop, Instrumental, Hyperpop

Garbage Golf is a groovy instrumental track that makes you feel like you are in a cartoon, sneaking onto a golf course at night. It really feels like you can get caught at any time, but that that is ok, because everything is fun and games in a cartoon.

Garbage Golf is pleasant to listen, and almost sounds like good elevator music. This can easily pass as lounge music.

28. Golf is Groovy – Parry Gripp

Music genre: Rock, Upbeat, Kids

Golf is Groovy by Parry Gripp is a short, but sweet, vintage sounding song claiming golf is groovy. And it is. This can be a good song to let golf loving kids fall asleep to.

29. Golf Course – Tristan and Isolde – The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Music genre: Orchestra, Instrumental

Golf Course – Tristan and Isolde, performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra takes you on a mental journey thanks to its orchestral instruments played out at perfection.

You can imagine many scenes happening in your imagination when you sit down for a minute just to listen to this beautiful music.

30. The Golf Song (Golfer’s Lament) – Bryn Terfel

Music Genre: Choral, Opera, Classical Bass, Operatic Pop, British Comedy

The Golf Song (Golfer’s Lament) by Bryn Terfel is a funny song with great vibes that brings you back to a feeling of childhood innocence.

This song talks about the woes of being a golfer in a comedic way. The Golf Song has a very catchy chorus and the performer has an adorable sound to his voice. The Golf Song sounds like a Disney song.

31. Golf Champ – Jack Shaindlin

Music Genre: Inspirational, Orchestra, Instrumental

Golf Champ by Jack Shaindlin is a very old orchestral instrumental track that can inspire you thanks to its bright, upbeat trumpets playing throughout.

Golf Champ is a song that will…make you feel like a golf champion!

32. Golf Superintendent Song – Chris Cates

Music Genre: Acoustic

Golf Superintendent Song by Chris Cates is a somewhat funny song that talks about the life of a golf superintendent not being fun, and instead stressful and full of unrest.

However, Chris Cates delivers the lyrics in a powerful, passionate acoustic sound that is quite beautiful. This song sounds great in your ears.

33. Golf – Parry Gripp

Music Genre: Upbeat, Rock, Kids

Golf by Parry Gripp is an upbeat rock song destined for kids, but adults can enjoy it as well. It is very short, but punchy.

The only lyrics are “Golf”, delivered energetically.

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Hopefully, you like some of these golf songs!

What is your favorite golf song? Do you have other songs to add to his list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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