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27 Best Father’s Day Golf Themed Gifts – Show Dad You Care

father's day
father's day

Father’s Day is the day on which we all celebrate the man who raised us, and the one who probably took us out first to a golf course – our father. He helped raise us into the people we are today, and offering him a gift would show him how much you care.

If your father loves golf, or your family loves golf in general, then you might want to buy your father a golf-themed Father’s Day gift!

In this list, we will help you find some of the best possible Father’s Day Golf Gifts for your dad!

27 Best Father’s Day Golf-Themed Gifts

Down below are the best Father’s Day Golf-themed gifts you can find online currently.

Some of these gifts are useful, others funny, and some just cool to own! You are sure to find something your dad will love in this list!

#27 Kikkerland Cool Putter + Ball Golf Mug

Is your father bored when he drinks his morning coffee, wishing he could go play golf instead of work? Never again with this awesome golf themed mug!

The Kikkerland Putter Mug features are really cool tunnel below the mug through which your dad can put a miniature golf ball with the mini golf club provided.

This Kikkerland Putter Mug is a must have gift for any coffee or tea drinking golf loving father.

#26 Hilarious Golf-Themed Towel For Dads

Did you just read that correctly? Yes, this is clearly a towel that says “I use this towel to wash my balls.” Which balls is the towel talking about?

You can already bet the father of your family will waste no opportunity to turn this ambiguity into a running you joke. You will never hear the end of it. This towel is sure to make your dad smile and happy every time he decides to be annoying and say he washes his balls with this towel.

Send this towel to your father as a gift, and his mood will improve drastically.

#25 Funny Money Golf Club Mug

Does your father love to buy new golf clubs? Unwrap them and smell the sweet scent of freshly built metal with the power to drive balls far?

If so, then your dad will also love the Money Can Buy Golf Clubs = Happiness mug. Especially if your father is well off or the entrepreneurial type who also loves golf, this gift will be mint.

This gift can push your father to work even harder and gain heaps of motivation if that is what he is after.

#24 501 Excuses For A Bad Golf Shot Funny Book

501 Excuses For A Bad Golf Shot is a hilarious book to read, as well as to gift to someone always making excuses on the course.

This funny book holds 501 excuses that people commonly use to blame their bad golfing performances on. Examples include blaming “your job, your equipment, your wife…” You name it. This book can also give your father ammunition to playfully tease his own friends.

This book is a pleasant and witty read that can lighten the mood in many situations. Also a great read for when your father is drinking coffee in the morning to start the day right.

#23 Golf Ball Impact Beer Pint Glass

The Golf Ball Impact Beer Pint Glass has a radical look that seems to defy gravity and physics, and that is exactly what makes it great. Furthermore, the ball incrusted into the glass is a brand new Titleist golf ball, one of the greatest golf brands out there.

The ball was made in the US and incrusted into the glass by hand by heating it up with a blowtorch. Needless to say, this beer pint glass by the company BenShot is a surefire conversation starter.

On top of being an interesting gift, this beer pint glass has utility which your dad will be sure to appreciate. Every time your dad drinks out of this golf ball impact beer pint glass, he will lovingly think of you.

#22 Durarange Chipping Practice Net

The Durarange Chipping Practice Net is a great gift for your father if he wants to improve at golf, especially for chipping technique. This particular chipping net will protect your father’s home from impact and catch the golf balls he chips at it.

On top of all those features, this chipping net has slots that serve as target’s for your father’s golf shots. This golf chipping net even comes with golf mats (fake turf mats from which you can shoot golf balls and protect your floor). The mats feature both fairway turf and rough turf.

This golf net comes with 6 regular driving range golf balls for outdoor practice and 6 foam balls for indoor practice. Overall, the Durarange Chipping Practice Net is a great, portable gift for many golf-loving fathers.

#21 Golf-Themed Whiskey Decanter With Glasses

If your beloved father loves both whiskey and golf, then the Golf-Themed Whiskey Decanter is the perfect gift for him.

This decanter is creatively shaped as a golf cart and also comes with multiple golf-themed glasses for a very elegant consumption. On top of being a stylist whiskey decanter, this gift can easily serve as a living room or dining room decoration piece.

This is one of the best Father’s Day golf gifts one can think of. This set of golf-themed decanter and glasses has a beautiful attention to detail and will make your dad glad to bring golf in yet another sphere of his life.

#20 Golf-Themed Barbecue Tools

There are two things that most of our fathers love: Golf, and Barbecue. Why not combine both?

With the POLIGO Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Kit, your father can cook with style and passion! This set of BBQ tools are shaped like golf clubs, which makes them conceptually interesting and will make your dad smile!

The set includes a spatula, a BBQ fork, a Grip Fork, a silicone basting brush and 2 golf ball shaped shakers. The POLIGO Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Kit set of BBQ tools is high quality and will make your father cook for the family on more occasions than once.

#19 Dad Joke Golf Tees

The Dad Joke Golf Tees are a funny type of gift that your father will love if he is into dad jokes.

The set of 30 golf tees has funny sentences printed on them: “Best Dad By Par!” and “You are  tee-rific!” Get it? Your dad will love these.

These tees are fully made of wood and are naturally biodegradable.

The Dad Joke Golf Tees come neatly packaged in a paper gift box to save you some work, leaving you with a happy dad.

#18 Best Dad By Par Clothing Clip

The Best Dad By Par Clothing Clip is a great portable reminder you can gift your dad that you care about him.

This stylish, yet subtle clip can easily magnetically clip itself to a hat or other piece of clothing. This clip can make your dad smile internally every time he touches or sees it, thinking of you.

#17 Crappy Golf Balls For A Crappy Golfer

This Father’s Day gift is more of a prank gift. Crappy Golf Balls for a Crappy Golfer is a bag of dirty, used golf balls you can give your dad to make him laugh.

This bag of balls features hilarious packaging that will be sure to throw your dad off. This crazily sarcastic gift is a sure-fire way to surprise your father and give everyone a large smile up to their ears.

These balls are probably no longer good, and are randomly chosen across multiple brands. This could be a great “first” prank gift you give your father, right before giving him a real gift. You can look at the rest of this list for ideas for a second, real gift.

#16 PUTT-A-BOUT Home Putting Green

The PUTT-A-BOUT Home Putting Green is an awesome little putting green your father can use to practice his short game. It features little simulated sand bunkers and even some level of inclination and topology.

This putting green comes with good, reliable quality for a fraction of the price of more performant home putting greens. Overall, the PUTT-A-BOUT Home Putting Green is a really cool gift that will help your father improve his performance out on the golf course.

#15 Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is a great utility gift your father will love, especially if he loses golf balls all the time!

This retriever will also be very helpful to your father if he has a bad back, and bending over to pick up balls is painful. He will be able to use this retriever to pick up golf balls without bending over, saving him lots of pain.

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever can be used to pick up balls in the turf, water, sand, and more. This gift even comes with a head cover, which will make your father feel like it is high quality.

#14 Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart

The Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart is a great utility gift that will let save your beloved father lots of effort. He will be able to place his golf bag on top of this speed cart and easily push it thanks to the wheels on the speed cart.

With golf bags being able to reach weights of 35lbs, buying your dad the Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart will make him infinitely grateful towards you.

This speed cart is extremely high quality, will help your dad easily get around a golf course, and it even features a bottle holder to keep him hydrated!

#13 “Always Wash Your Balls” Mug

This “Always Wash Your Balls” Mug obviously features a great play on words sure to make anyone laugh, including your father.

This mug will be a great gift to let your dad laugh every morning when he drinks tea or coffee!

On top of being hilarious, you can customize this mug and add any name below its graphics!

The “Always Wash Your Balls” Mug actually comes with a lifetime guarantee!

#12 Golf Ball Shaped Liquor Glass

golf ball liquor glass

The Golf Ball Shaped Liquor Glass is a great gift to buy your father if he likes both liquor and golf.

This stylish glass comes in a set of 2, meaning both your dad and his partner can benefit from it! Alternatively, you might want to share a glass with him to celebrate Father’s Day!

The Golf Ball Shaped Liquor Glass will be appreciated by any golf lover, whether they drink or not.

#11 “I’d Rather Be Golfing” Socks

Does your dad love golf, but he often has to work, mow the lawn, pay bills, and more instead? Then your father will LOVE this gift!

With these “I’d rather be golfing” socks, you can transfer your dad’s thoughts onto his clothes!

These funny socks will bring a sarcastic little smile to your dad’s face every time he looks at or puts them on!

#10 Perfect Practice Home Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Home Putting Mat is another great tool and gift that will improve your father’s short golf game extremely quickly.

This putting mat features an inclined slope with two holes, one regular sized, and one smaller sized, to challenge your father. The option of aiming for a smaller-than-normal golf hole will turn your father into a pinpoint accuracy golfer!

If you manage to hit the golf ball into a hole, it will actually come back to you via the side rail! Now that is luxury!

There are lines along the putting green which allow you to make sure your putter club face is square to the target. This means your father will be able to build good habits.

The Perfect Practice Home Putting Mat is actually trusted and endorsed by professional golfers such as Dustin Johnson, so you know it is a good product. On top of being a good product, the Perfect Practice Home Putting Mat makes for one hell of a Father’s Day gift.

#9 Collapsible Golf Trunk Organizer Storage

The Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage is a great tool for golf-playing fathers to sort their different tools. This trunk can easily sort and organize your father’s golf tees, balls, pens, scorecards, hats, shoes, and so much more.

On top of being a great portable storage for golfing trips, this trunk can be collapsed when it is not in use. This saves a lot of space and adds a ton of convenience. The storage organizer is also waterproof.

The Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage is the perfect solution for a golf road trip or for keeping your car’s trunk organized.

#8 Floating Golf Green for Pools

The Floating Golf Green for Pools is a really cool toy that lets you shoot golf balls at a pool party. The set comes with a shooting mat, as well as a floating golf green that sits on top of the water!

This product comes with little reusable golf tees to elevate the ball. The set also comes with a pack of 5 floating golf balls, and a miniature flag! This floating golf green is excellent for golf practice and can serve as an exhilarating game at a pool party!

Especially on a summer day that is way too warm, bringing this floating green to a pool can cool you off and let you play golf at the same time!

Overall, the Floating Golf Green for Pools is a gift your father will absolutely love if he has a pool.

#7 Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo

Golf courses often require dress codes, and that generally means your father needs collared shirts such as the Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo.

Fathers are not always the greatest at buying new clothes, often preferring to reuse clothes, even if they are a bit damaged or dirty. However, you can help your father out by gifting him this awesome, great looking Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo.

Even if your father will act like he does not need it, he needs it. The Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo comes in over 80 colorways, meaning you can get the perfect shirt for your dad.

#6 Happy Father’s Day #1 Father Golf Balls

These Happy Father’s Day Golf Balls come with 2 different messages that show your father you care for him. These balls come in a rudimentary plastic display case.

Your father can either choose to play with these golf balls, or to display them in his office or home.

Overall, the Happy Father’s Day Golf Balls are a really cheap way to show your father that he matters to you, even if he is the type to insist on not receiving gifts.

#5 The Golf Father T-Shirt

The Golf Father T-Shirt has a funny punchline and is a good quality shirt your father will love, especially if he is a godfather. This shirt has a witty play on words, changing the word godfather into “golf father”.

This design looks great on a t-shirt for just about any golf-loving father or godfather. This t-shirt design is loved by thousands of fathers around the world, so why not yours?

#4 Personalized Name-Tagged Golf Tees

Buying your father Personalized Name-Tagged Golf Tees might be one of the most creative gifts you can give him for Father’s Day.

Fathers often love to have their things customized, and putting his name on golf tees can be sure to pleasantly surprise him!

This is a gift your father will actually use for sure!

#3 “Did I Read That Right?” Titleist-Style Hat

The “Did I Read That Right” Titleist-Style Golf Hat obviously does not say Titleist, which is exactly why it is such a fun gift!

Your father will love to see this subtle trick, and wear it proudly! You can bet he will turn this subtly suspicious hat into a turning joke for ages…

Seeing how many people will actually notice it does not read Titleist can be a very fun game! Simply put, this is one of the best Father’s Day golf gifts ever.

#2 Best Dad by par Embroidered Towels

The Best Dad by par Embroidered Towels are a great gift for any father who loves golf.

The towels will actually be displayed throughout the house, and serve a real use, while letting your dad remind himself who is boss.

Your father will love towels like these that paint him in a good light, and they are sure to be a talking point and a running joke in the house. You know how fathers are.

#1 Golf-Themed Flavored Coffee Bags

The Golf-Themed Flavored Coffee Bags are simply such an amazing and unique Father’s Day gift to give your golf-loving dad.

This set of golf-themed Sillybean coffee comes with 5 cutely-packaged bags of fresh-roasted Arabica Coffee. Each pack of coffee has a different flavor named funnily, like “Kiss My Putt”, “Par Tee Time”, “Best by Par” and “Talk Birdie To Me”.

These coffee bags are vacuum-packed in order to ensure freshness. Each pouch of coffee is 1.5 ounces that makes 8-10 cups of coffee. The entire set of pouches thus can make 40-50 cups of coffee.

This Father’s Day gift will be thoughtful for your dad, and also taste good!


There you go! After going through this list, you are sure to have found 2 or 3 golf gifts your dad will love for Father’s Day!

Go ahead and grab that gift for your father to make him extra happy on his day of celebration! Take your pick from the best Father’s Day golf gifts!

What is your favorite Father’s Day gift on this list? What is your all-time favorite Father’s Day gift that you bought for a dad? Let us know in the comments down below!

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